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Live an openly intuitive life

Hi, I’m Leesa Turner. I am leading a revolution, I am here to open a door to show others how they can live an openly intuitive life.

I educate others on how to access their intuition, being open, and free, to expand at any time when they are willing without the fear, the belief of needing “psychic protection”.

I am leading the charge. Showing the way forward- leaving behind old beliefs from the collective around fear-based strategies on psychic protection.

I am here to lead a revolution of heart-opening- accessing altered states, intuition, higher consciousness, and showing the way that others can do this too.

I work with people from all walks of life- teaching them how to manage their energy so that psychic protection is not required, destroying the fabricated belief system that psychic protection is needed in the first place- for it is not needed, there is truly nothing outside of us that can harm us or that wants to harm us, there never has been never will be.

I am here to lead the revolution for the change in belief and to show people what is possible, that we are free to be connected to our intuition always, free to walk to Earth in an expanded state being connected to our intuitive power within.

I am here to educate on this very subject and to show the way by my example. It is possible to step outside the outdated belief that we need some sort of protection to work with our intuition and higher states of consciousness.

For everything that we are, everything we need exists within us. and by allowing ourselves to expand our energy, expand our consciousness, connect to our intuition, our higher selves, higher planes, we bring online our ability to follow and access our intuition and our higher guidance from our higher selves and from source, without fear, in only love.

Only love.

Now, more than ever, we need people to confidently live by their intuition to guide them through the ever-changing landscape of the world we live in. To use their intuition to locate their own truth amongst the information, the chaos, and noise. And to be so confident of what their intuition is telling them they can become rock-solid in their beliefs regardless of what the rest of the world is saying because they trust what their own intuition is telling them is their truth.

My work isn’t just for psychics and readers- It is for anyone who wishes to work with their intuition and live by it in their life, however that looks for them.

And I invite you to join me on this journey, in this revolution, where we lead people away from the fearful constructs to living a more openly intuitive life.



Free offerings

In this meditation, we clean up the energy of your business, cut out old stagnant energy and refresh and reactivate any dormant energy, add in streams of abundance, and anchor in the new energy your business wants to hold. 


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