Intuitive Business Mentoring for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Who are tired of cookie cutter online business coaching methods and want to learn how to enhance their work using their own intuition intertwined with aligned action.


Your work is an expression of your Soul on Earth 

Hi I’m Leesa Turner. I combine Energetics with practical business knowledge and your own unique gifts to create personalised methods to apply in your business.

Everything we want is created in the energetic realm before it manifests in the physical. We just need to get our energy and vibration aligned with our actions and when combined with strong business foundations and the right business actions at the right time, we will find our work will flow with more ease.

Featured Articles

The Fear of Spirit Part 5- Other Tools

Other tools Brain Gym, which is also called Educational Kinesiology, has many movements to help in this situation. Hook-ups A hook up is used to bring the body back into equilibrium after a stress response. When the fight/flight response is activated the...

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The Fear of Spirits Part 3- Brain Switching

Brain Switching Another physical response that may get triggered or activated when this fear of the spirit world is triggered is what’s known in kinesiology as “Brain Switching”. The brain is made up of 2 hemispheres, the right hemisphere and the left...

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2019 Resolutions vs Intentions

A brief history of Resolutions New Years resolutions started around 4,000 years ago by the Ancient Babylonians, when they would hold festivals, sacrifices or rituals to worship their Gods. They believed that if they made promises to their Gods (like pay...

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