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So you want to put yourself out there to get your very first paying clients

But the thought of doing it makes you incredibly nervous!

“What if no one likes me”

“What if my client thinks I’m a fake”

“What if I don’t get any messages for my client”

“What if my client doesn’t experience a healing”

“What if I embarrass myself”

“Will they pay the price I want to charge? Am I WORTH what I want to charge”

Here’s some tips to help you get past this point


1) Firstly, to quote the late & great Dr Wayne Dyer

“If you knew who walked beside you, at all times, on this path you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again”

You are not alone on this spiritual journey. You have your spiritual team, your guides, your loved ones and whomever else you believe in right with you at all times, holding you and guiding you through this. They are cheering you on every step of the way, you just need to hear that quiet inner voice tell you “We’ve got you”. TRUST that they are supporting you at every step. TRUST they will give you the messages for your client. TRUST


2) It’s natural to be nervous about something you care passionately about!

If you didn’t feel nervous about doing it, it means it’s not very important to you


3) Go back to your “Big Why”

Why are you doing this? Why is it important to you? Watch this TED talk by Simon Sinek to find out more about Your Big Why


4) Remember to breathe

This journey of life is meant to be fun. Bring fun back into the moment. Drop out of your head and into your heart space. Breathe. Don’t take it too seriously. Everything is always exactly as it should be


5) Make your motivation bigger than your fear

Make a big list of all the reasons why you want to do the thing that lights you up, and keep reading over it and adding to it. Go back to it whenever you feel that nervousness creeping back in.


6) Stay in the present moment

That is where our true power lies. When we get caught up in the “What if’s” we are in the future that will never happen and that is where we create the fear. The only moment is now. Ground yourself back into the present moment


7) Set your intentions for your work

Intention is POWERFUL. When you tell the Universe what you want it listens and conspires to bring it to you! So tell the Universe what clients you want to work with, what you want to attract, take the time to imagine yourself over and over going through a session and seeing it transpire perfectly. The Universe will respond to your intentions


8) Remember nothing is “good” or “bad”

It is only our labelling of an experience that causes the pain. So if you have a client or session that is not what your ideal is, don’t label it anything other than an experience. Having contrast in our work helps us to redefine our intentions for the Universe for what we want- it gives us greater clarity so we can refine the details of what we are asking for


9) To finish off with my all time favourite quote from Dr Wayne Dyer

So, You have to contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you wish to produce and know you can attract divine energy to help you. Dormant forces come alive when you put your intention on what you intend to manifest and when you stay connected to your source of well-being, your source of kindness, and your source that excludes no-one

I hope this blog has helped you.

Leesa Turner

I believe in you!




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