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Your thoughts create your physical World


When you finally get your head around that concept you begin to realise how truly powerful you are

“Your thoughts create your reality”

“Your thoughts become things”

“Energy first physical second”

“Like attracts Like”

“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”

I’m sure you’ve heard many of these quotes before but what do they truly mean?

You have a consciousness that decided to come forth in this present moment, in your body, and this consciousness knew it could create any reality it chose to. We come from Source.

Source, The Universe, God, whatever you resonate with, is Infinite Potential. At every moment of every day we reach in to the Infinite possibilities the Universe has available to us and make a choice as to what we want to bring into our physical reality. Look around you. Your house, your car, your job, your financial situation are all present today because you consciously (or unconsciously) made a choice from the Infinite Possibilities that Source offers us.

Do you like what you see?

No? Well guess what?

Now you get to choose again

How? By setting your Intention.

Can it be that easy? Yes!

By now declaring a new Intention you instantly start a new energetic vibration of what you want to come forth into your life.


“I used to be someone who always got the flu when it was going around. But now I know I am the Creator of my reality and I attract everything into my life so I now choose differently. My new intention is that I am always well despite what others are choosing in their reality. It may be true for them, but it is not true for me”


“I used to believe that I had to work hard for money, that I never had enough money. Now I know that I am connected to the Infinite abundance of the Universe and that I will always have enough money. My decisions for spending money are not limited by what is in my bank account, but by what I choose to experience in my life. I am a magnet for money and money now comes to me in unexpected ways. I am a great custodian of money”


I have used this technique so many times in my life. I affirm and believe so strongly that when I state a new Intention IT IS DONE. There is no doubt in my mind! I have asked for it so the Universe will start moving all necessary components into alignment for it to occur. Now all I have to do is make sure I am in vibrational alignment to it and allow it to come. How do I do that? By feeling good!


Now try it for yourself. See where your beliefs and thoughts are bringing you experiences that are less than enjoyable. Use the Power of Intention to choose again


I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog

Leesa Turner

I believe in you!

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