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I was chatting with a friend recently who was telling me that she wanted to train in a particular modality, but then she said to me “But I’m worried as I know there’s alot of competition in this field”


And for a second internally I screamed NO!! Do not believe that for a second!


There is no such thing as competition!


We live in an abundant universe. There is no lack of clients for us to serve. There is no limit to how much we can earn. There is an unlimited supply of paying customers available to us all.


We have been taught since school that we need to compete with our fellow classmates. That there is only one top award at the end of the year, that there is only 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and you should strive for number 1. That in sports there can be only 1 winning team.


It has been ingrained in us that we need to be first or the best at everything, the top of our class, the top of our grades, we compared ourselves to other students all the way through high school and set out to beat our “rival”. And we have been made to feel that if we aren’t the best then we are not good enough and need to work even harder.


What if we realise that in actual fact we live in an abundant infinite Universe? That there is enough for all of us. That we ARE enough. That there is an unlimited supply of wealth, money, abundance, happiness, health, clients or whatever else we want?


By getting clear on exactly what we want to achieve, earn, do, etc we send out a clear strong vibration to the Universe and then Law of Attraction kicks in to start bringing together all necessary components. So start by getting very clear on who exactly it is you want to serve. How much money do you want to earn each week or year? How do you want to feel when you are doing the work you desire to do?


So don’t buy into the 3D paradigm of competition/not enough/scarcity. In truth we are all connected to All that Is, Source, God, Infinite Abundance, and all of our needs will always be met, as long as we set clear intentions for exactly what we want


Leesa Turner

I believe in you!



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