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I’ve seen many people ask for intuitive guidance about when they will leave their job and be able to work in their dream spiritual/psychic job, and I wanted to share my thoughts on this

⭐️ It will happen when you decide to make it happen! Take control and make it happen. Don’t rely on a psychic to tell you if/when it will happen. You are the Creator of your own life! You can make anything happen if you believe it

⭐️ Set a goal- by this date/month I will quit my job to work in my dream job. In 6 months time I will be earning $X a week doing my spiritual work

⭐️ Set a financial goal- I need to earn $X/week and to earn this money I will provide these services $A, $B & $C. Therefore to make $X a week I need Y clients a week. e.g $400 a week charging $80 a service is 5 clients a week

⭐️ Spend time visualising your ideal day at work. See yourself happily working on your dream career. See and feel how happy you are. See yourself surrounded by all of the elements needed to make it happen. Visualise your ideal client. See and feel how happy they are with the service you are providing them. See yourself easily bringing in the income you desire. Affirm that for every client you serve you attract 10 more

⭐️ If you feel nervous and lacking in confidence when you think about stepping into this work, do the above exercise until you feel more confident

⭐️ Afraid to charge to start with? Collect testimonials from people in exchange to use in the future for promoting yourself and also for you to look at and build your confidence

⭐️ Who is your ideal client? What is their problem that you will help them solve? What age are they? Sex? Income? Are they someone who is spiritually awake and has enough awareness of what is going on but needs some help, or are they people who haven’t woken up yet and are in crisis needing help and not understanding why they have the problems they have? Do they take responsibility or do they expect you to fix their problems without them having to do any work? Make sure you understand who you want to serve so you make sure you attract the right clients from the start, if not you will attract anything and everything!

⭐️ You don’t need sparkly logos and branding and websites etc to get started. Don’t spend too much money on these things when you’re starting out. Just start where you are with what you can afford. You can upgrade as you go. It is more important to just get started then trying to have the best name and prettiest logo. (Customers don’t care too much about this btw, they just want to know what problems you can solve for them)

If you have anything you’d love to add to the list or ask please comment below 

Leesa Turner

I believe in you 

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