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Earlier this year I was busy. Busy doing anything and everything. Webinars, trainings, small business courses, anything I could get my hands on. And I was loving every minute learning all of these great new things and putting them into action in any way I could.

But a few months ago all of that changed. Let’s say I faced a situation that required me to drop everything and focus on something very important to me. And in doing this I stopped doing everything else that wasn’t a priority. The webinars, the courses didn’t matter anymore.

And suddenly I found myself with lots of spaciousness of nothing.  Lot’s of free time on my hands with nothing to do. And soon I loved this new freedom.

I realised I had filled my life with distractions


And now I had all of this free time I really had a good look at what I wanted to bring into my life to fill it. I wanted to be very careful with what I chose as my priorities had changed.

I wanted to make sure whatever I was investing my time in was important and added value in my life

And going forward I’ve found a new direction and focus for my time and energy. And this feels so much more aligned than before

And I’ve stopped signing up for webinars and trainings, even though some have been very tempting. I have reduced my time on social media, and watching TV. And before if I had a problem I’d spend time researching and googling, or if I was feeling stuck or blocked I’d push push push my way through it. Now, Instead I find quiet moments in the say to do short meditations or other spiritual practices to connect back into myself. Because I know I have the answers I need inside of me. I need to allow space to connect in to my intuition to get them.

And from doing this simple practice of nothingness I’ve found my quiet voice of intuition is much more profound. And I am much more in alignment with who I really am. The voice of your intuition is so quiet that it can’t get through when your mind and life is busy. And it longs so much to be heard, to help you and guide you in your life. And the ideas that have been able to flow into my consciousness from giving myself this space have been profound. And have led me onto a new path, that would have still been quietly waiting in the background for me as it’s voice couldn’t be heard with all the noise I had going on.


Where can you find space in your day?

Leesa Turner

I believe in you

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