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How do you support family when they are unwell, and they don’t believe in what you do?

YOU know your healing “stuff” works. You have no doubt in your mind as you have experienced first hand the positive changes your healing modality has brought to your own life and the people you have helped.
But when it comes to your family they aren’t so open minded or supportive. They may become unwell, stressed, anxious, and you know you can help them but they are sceptical or just not open to what you do. Frustrating hey!
So how do you handle this? You love your family and you want to see them well and help wherever you can, but they just aren’t open to it. At all.
For someone to heal they need to have 100% Faith. 100% Trust. 100% belief. As Carolyn Myss says-

Carolyn Myss- Anatomy of a Spirit

“Belief in oneself is required for healing. Before I realised the significance of self-esteem for developing intuitive skills, I would have stated faith is the most important factor in healing. I now equate faith with self-esteem and personal power, because low self-esteem reflects one’s lack of faith in oneself as well as the power of the unseen world. Unquestionable, faith is vital for managing the challenges of our everyday existence”
So what can you do to help your family?
Be there for them. Hold space for them. Support them. Bring them meals, ask how you can help them through their situation.
Ask if they are open to prayer. Ask if you can send them prayers for good health.
See them already healed. Keep the vision of them in your mind as already healed, healthy, happy.
Another great mentor of mine says “I hold them to the light!”

Surround them in white, pink or green healing light. Call in Angels to be by their side.

Also don’t discount the amount of faith they have in the medical system. We have all been trained for generations to hand over our power to doctors and other medical professionals and many of us hold much faith in their ability to help us heal, so the fact they may have faith in the medical system may be the faith and trust they also need to help them get well again


Leesa Turner

I believe in you! 

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