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I see so many spiritual start ups make the same mistakes when they are starting up in business so I wanted to create a great guide to follow to help them get started on the best path possible

1. Use YOUR NAME for your Business Name

Your name is your unique energetic signature that you brought into this world- connect with it and let it shine. Facebook is a noisy marketplace now. There are thousands of spiritual based pages and they all blend in and get lost very easily. I even find that with my friends pages I have liked if they don’t use their name I forget who’s page it is I have liked and end up not following them. Page names like “Angel Fluffy Unicorn Healing” “Crystal Rainbow Psychic Readings” (you know what I mean) just don’t connect with me so I always recommend people starting out to use their own name in their business name.

2. Make sure you can register your business name

Do not do anything until you make sure your chosen name is not being used (you don’t want legal issues down the track). Before you buy your business name read step 3! Go to http://asic.gov.au/for-business/registering-a-business-name/steps-to-register-your-business-name/ and follow the steps. It costs $35 a year or $82 for 3 years.

3. Before purchasing your business name make sure you can buy the domain name

Shop around to find the best price. There’s so many places to buy them from such as Netregistry and Crazy Domains. Don’t get sucked into buying the add-ons they try to sell you, you don’t need them. Make sure you write down your log in details as when you go to do a website later on you will need to log in to get it up and running

4. Do a Google search

Do a Google search on your business name to see what businesses may somehow be using your chosen name. You want to make sure there aren’t any unfavourable websites connected to your name, or other bigger businesses that may cause you headaches later on down the track.

5. Apply for an ABN

In Australia you need an Australian Business Number (ABN) to do business. Go to   https://abr.gov.au/ABRWeb/Apply/Abn/ImportantInformation.aspx?Task=2290bad6-3cc9-42e3-a85b-b90bdbc6d4ec&NavGraph=ApplyForAbn&View=ImportantInformation&Target=AbnApply&pid=71&js=1 It doesn’t cost anything to get an ABN. In most cases a sole trader is fine, if you are unsure get the advice from an accountant.

6. Get insurance

Most people go with IICT but just check in with others in your field to make sure

7. Open a separate bank account

Keep your business payments separate from your personal banking so it will be easier down the track to sort out income and expenses. Many banks and credit unions will have a fee free business account for sole traders now so shop around but a normal bank account will also do to get you started.

8. Starting your Facebook page

Use a photo of your face as the profile picture. People want to see YOU. They want to see your eyes, your face and your smile to see if they connect with you before they book a service with you. I believe that showing your face on your page is very powerful and not very common in a sea of over crowded spiritual business Facebook pages

9. Don’t spend hundreds of $$ on a logo design

Don’t get sucked into the tunnel of branding and Pinterest. It is endless and you quite often get more confused. My motto is “Progress over perfection”. Use Canva to create a logo for free or hire someone in Fiverr to create something affordable (only spend an amount you are comfortable risking in case it doesn’t work but I’ve always had success using them). Start where you are right now and you can upgrade as you feel the inspiration and as your business grows

10. How can people pay you?

Make it as easy for them as possible. They really want to give you money! Open up a Paypal.me link at https://www.paypal.me/ or look at Stripe or Square for credit card payments. Make sure you list these as options as well as cash payment on your Facebook page and website

11. List your services and prices on your FaceBook page

There is nothing more off putting to a prospective customer if you don’t list your prices on your page and they have to contact you- chances are they just won’t as they fear being pressured into a sale. Make purchasing from you as easy and clear as possible.

12. Link your business page to your personal profile

People will want to check you out before buying from you so make sure they will find your business page easily

13. Make sure your Facebook page allows people to leave reviews

Reviews will be an essential part to building your business in the future. Make sure you encourage your clients to leave reviews and even in the beginning of your journey offer free services in exchange for a review on your page.

14. Make sure people can contact you easily

Have messaging available, as well as your phone number and an email address listed on your page. Remember we want to make it as easy for them as possible to buy from you!

15. Make sure you create your @username for your Facebook page

Your @username appears under your Business Page name and creates a custom link to your page that you can give out to people, and allows your page be tagged by other businesses. For more tips on how to best set up your Business page head to https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/set-up-facebook-page

16. Make sure you grab all your other social media accounts

Make sure you create all other Social Media Accounts across Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google  etc even if you have no intention of using them it stops others from taking them and using your business name (make sure you write down all of your logins and passwords somewhere!)

17. Do you need a scheduling service?

If you need people to book appointments with you look into a scheduling service such as Acuity. Automating as much as you can in the beginning will not only train your customers on how to book your services (boundaries) but will also free up your time down the track when you are really busy serving

18. Get yourself a small notebook to jot down ideas.

I find inspiration comes in at random times so I just jot the messages and ideas down in my book and leave it there until I am ready to move forward with it. It also helps you to prioritise what is important. You don’t need to act straight away on every great idea you have. Allow them to sit and grow

19. Don’t do any work on your biz if you are feeling stressed, cranky, tired, or anxious

Step back and go and meditate, go for a walk, rest etc and wait until your energy is back in alignment and a higher vibration so the work that pours out of you will flow

20. Don’t try to force anything

If you have to force it leave it. Always take a step back, breathe, meditate, tap etc. You want things to flow, not be pushed out with an energetically low vibe that your potential customers will pick up on the energy of.

21. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process!

Life is supposed to be joyful and light hearted, enjoy creating the foundations of your business, it is a part of who you are. Love it, nourish it, play with it and watch it grow into congruence with who you are

I hope you have found this helpful



I believe in you!

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