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I threw the online business how-to book out the window last year.

I went down the rabbit hole of free webinars, free training’s,free ebooks, signed up to everything, did all the courses I could.
After months immersed in this online world it started to feel very uncomfortable for me.
How can so many entrepreneurs all follow the same set of rules all be successful in this game?
I was watching as the groups and advertising became overcrowded. I was over all of the free sign ups and free webinars. If was feeling fatigued, surely many others were too?
As a highly intuitive and spiritual person I knew it couldn’t last, I knew it wasn’t sustainable, what they were telling everyone what they needed to be doing. So I pulled my energy back out of it all. I didn’t have the answer to what the alternative was though at this stage.
I unsubscribed from everything, I left Facebook groups and I unfollowed these entrepreneurs.

How can I mentor Intuitives to do their businesses when I thew out the handbook?

I follow my intuition in my business now. I listen to the guidance, and I follow it. Step by step little by little. I take the physical steps to put this guidance into action.
I’m lucky because I have a huge knowledge when it comes to business that I can easily combine my intuition with what to do and know how to do it.
But I know Intuitives, healers, psychics.

You don’t fit into the box of the typical online entrepreneur.


You listen to your guidance too. You serve Spirit. You follow your heart. You don’t want to “fit in”, in fact you are here to NOT fit in and to break down the stereotypes wherever possible.

You are here to do your own thing, your way.

And this is where I love top help, as an Intuitive Business Mentor. Mixing Intuition with business knowledge and I show you had to add your gifts into your business behind the scenes to supercharge what you have to offer. I am here to be a shining light to say it’s ok if you don’t want to follow the crowd in this online game


You can do it your way too


Leesa Turner

Intuitive Business Mentor

I believe in you!

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