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This process is taken from Carolyn Myss’ audio book “Advanced Energy Anatomy”, and when understood it helps to give clarity as to where your creative idea for your business is in the process, and what you need to do to move it down to get it into the physical world.

The idea cycle of Creation literally flows through the Chakra system, hits matter and returns.

“The place where your script in life is contained. It flows into your being, incarnates into your being droplet by droplet from this impersonal director of God, slowly into your personal mind, then inspiring choices, then activating how you feel then heads to the physical ground.”

8th Chakra – Soul Star

This is where the Archetypal pattern forms Inspiration. Then this pattern descends.

7th Chakra – Crown

You begin to pick up the inspiration

6th Chakra – Third Eye

You feel an impulse to articulate, to give words and thoughts to turn inspiration into a physical reality. Once you can describe it and word it it descends again

5th Chakra – Throat

You have to choose- What are you going to do with it? Are you going to accept it? Create it? This is the place where will and agreement meets energy. If you accept it the descent continues.

4th Chakra – Heart

At this point your soul steps in at full force. Are you willing to put your heart into it? Because if you put your heart into it, this is going to happen. This is the time to pause, because it is a major crossroads.

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus

This is where you have a discussion with the idea of how it will affect you as a person. Does it enhance self esteem? Will you feel proud? Foolish? Practical discussion on the impact this creation will have in your life

2nd Chakra – Sacral

You start asking questions like “What’s this going to cost me?” “How am I going to do this?” “What about my relationships” You are still negotiating at this point- Birth, Abortion or Creation here.

1st Chakra – Root

At this point your idea is going to to take off in all directions, and it will no longer be yours in your womb. Once it hits the ground it’s going to take off in the multi energetic directions of life. Choice meets consequence.

Breathe in Consequence, breath out Creation. When you breathe in you are collecting consequence.

And now you start the ascent up the chakras.

1st Chakra- Root

Consequences of your physical life, consequence meets creation.

2nd Chakra – Sacral

Did this cost you or are you earning money?

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus

Do you feel good about what you created? Or do you feel disempowered?

4th Chakra – Heart

Did it enhance your sense of love, did it hurt you? Did you wound somebody?

5th Chakra – Throat

What are you going to do with this experience? Are you going to store it in your cell tissue? Or use it to enhance your wisdom? What are you going to do now, hurt or not hurt? You know better than to hold onto the pain or use it as a learning experience, let go of the package it came in and absorb the learning.

6th & 7th Chakras – Third Eye and Crown

If you decide that this creation was all of your own doing when you get to the 7th the Inspiration will not be very clear. Consequence when you forget the other partner in your life is God, is you can’t go forward.

If you say “I adored what I created, Thank you Heaven for letting me participate in this and I’m open to the next experience”, the energy will keep flowing.

8th Chakra – Soul Star

You understand yourself symbolically and you get a greater understanding of why things happen in your life.


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