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A brief history of Resolutions

New Years resolutions started around 4,000 years ago by the Ancient Babylonians, when they would hold festivals, sacrifices or rituals to worship their Gods. They believed that if they made promises to their Gods (like pay debts, return items, improve their behavior) the Gods would in return reward bestow upon them bountiful harvests and good fortune for the year ahead.

If they didn’t keep their resolutions they feared they would fall out of the Gods favour and be punished.

In time other cultures picked up the tradition in the hopes that their sacrifices, public oaths and promises and festivals would be rewarded in them winning wars, and good luck for the next year.

Looking at the history of resolution making now, we can see it has been created out of fear and superstition!

What is a resolution?

A resolution is defined as:

  • A resolve, a decision, a determination to do or change something. A promise to yourself to do or not to do something E.g. Lose weight, stop eating chocolate, get fit

What is an intention?

An intention is defined as:

  • Something that you want and plan to do. An aim, objective, goal, purpose. What someone intends to do or bring about E.g to be healthy, to become fit, to eat cleaner

The problem with Resolutions

Quite often when we set resolutions we focus on what we want to change (E.g. lose weight). They can make us feel we aren’t good enough as we are, and we will be happier once we have achieved the resolutions. Now Quantum Physics states that where our attention goes, energy flows. So, if your resolution is based around a negative your energy and attention is focused on a negative. And the Universe will send you more of that.

An intention is a statement made is a positive sense, worded to state that what you desire is already done. “I am energetic, healthy and fit” for example.

Now to really ramp up your intention for 2019,

you need to bring in the elevated emotions. If your goal is to be healthier in 2019, you need to express gratitude as if it has already happened, and really extend that feeling of gratitude out from your heart to magnetise it.

And again to really define your goal for 2019, it is better to focus on how you want to FEEL, rather than a physical outcome. Because if you focus on a physical outcome E.g. I am 10kg lighter, you can’t feel that happiness, joy and excitement you seek until you’ve reached your goal. The key is to feel that happiness, joy and excitement NOW in the present moment whilst keeping focused on your intention. This is they key ingredient to manifesting your desires.

A simple process you can do to refine this is

  • Draw a line down the centre of a page to create 2 columns
  • On the left write “Intention” and under this write all of your intentions for 2019, or just the main one you really want to focus on. List it out in as much detail as possible, but don’t assign any time limits to when it should happen by.
  • On the right column, write “Elevated Emotion” and list all of the feeling states you want to feel when your intentions all occur
  • Now when you think of your intentions for 2019, bring all of those elevated emotions to that intention to help supercharge it.

Moving forward, this process will help the changes you desire come to you easier. The universe will set up coincidences and synchronicities to help you along the way. But you will also have to keep doing the inner work.

  • Keep focused on your intention. Make a vision board for it, or a piece of artwork with a word to symbolize it and hang it somewhere where you will look at it often. You can also create a mood board, or a Pinterest board.
  • You can create an altar to represent what you are desiring for 2019, and go there daily to practice focusing your energy, attention and elevated emotions on your intention.
  • Make small changes towards your goal bit by bit. You may spend a few minutes researching here and there, and make small changes as they all add up over time, to become part of your normal everyday life. You will be able to look back at the end of 2019 and see how far you have come
  • When you do this work, things may fall apart to make room for the new changes you desire to manifest. That could mean jobs, relationships, or even a crisis. Know that if this happens to you, it is happening so your intention can come to you, so don’t fight it, let go and go with the changes occurring.


I believe in you xo 

Leesa Turner 



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