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The new way forward as a spiritual entrepreneur that I see is a combination of Intuition + Strengths + Flow = Doing Biz your way

From my experience working with Spiritual Business owners they use their Intuition and psychic or healing gifts in their energy work or with clients but fail to use it in their business! They will look to outsource to business coaches or marketing gurus what to do next to increase clients, create a new service or make a decision on where they should be going.

They fail to ask the inbuilt guidance system that is their Gut Instinct, their Intuition!

Your Intuition, your guides, your team, the Universe however you like to call them, are on your side waiting for you to ask for help. They want you to succeed and want what’s best for you but they need an invitation from you to give you the guidance you need.

Next, working from your Strengths in your business will put you in even more of positive position to succeed without stress. Lets have a quick look at some common strengths and how they may limit you if you aren’t aware of them or how you can use them to get ahead

  • Are you an introverted, shy empath? You may prefer to do written email readings over face
  • to face
  • Are you an organized person? Do you love having to do lists to tick off every day, or do you go with the flow and seem to not achieve much in your work time?
  • Are you the type of person who has lots of ideas an inspiration? Do you need somewhere to channel all of this energy, or a system to keep you on track so you don’t get distracted by “shiny object” syndrome?
  • Are you a stickler for routine? You do the same thing every day without fail? Do you need to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone occasionally?
  • Do you love to research all the details but you fail to get going on a project and just spin your wheel’s going around and around in circles?

This is why it is important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can build your business around them to enhance what you are awesome at and keep a check on the things that drain your energy, waste your time and keep you limited.

Why not make things flow downstream instead of trying to paddle against the current?

Do you know what is your main psychic strength? Is it Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience or Claircognizance? Do you use this main Clair in your business to make decisions?

The benefit of knowing your strengths and weaknesses is you can work in a way that suits your personality, that reduces stress and resistance, and enhances your innate talents and abilities.

A traditional way to work out your strengths and weaknesses is to do a SWOT Analysis. SWOT stands for-

  • Strengths – Things you do well, qualities that separate you from others, knowledge and experience
  • Weaknesses- Areas you lack in, struggle or hate to do, perceived flaws, things you’d like to improve on, mindset
  • Opportunities – Your goals, a particular niche you think is being underserved, an area where you shine in
  • Threats – competitors, customer or market attitudes,  obstacles E.G babysitting, no website or online booking system

If you’d like to dig even deeper this is where my Business Archetype Reading can come in. These 4-5 page long readings combine many different modalities to look at your unique personality, and I combine them with intuitive information that is specifically for you to help you recognize or remember your strengths, and then I combine this information to give practical and grounded advice on how you can apply it to enhance your business, or what things you need to keep an eye on so you don’t lose track of where you’re headed.

Flow is about getting the highest vibration you can in the moment. You get flow by raising your vibe with laughter, play, fun, love, intention and mindset. You know when you’re in your flow as you get synchronicities, you’re in the right place at the right time, you see repeating numbers etc.

For more information about my Business Archetype Readings head to this page to read more information, testimonials or to order yours

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