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There is a lot of misinformation around Empaths and the need for “protection” against “negative energies” or “energy vampires” for example. In this blog I’ve put together the meaning of an Empath, why it is important to look at it from the aspect of an Archetype, how to tell if you are in the shadow aspect or empowered aspect of an Empath and how to change yourself so you know you are in full control.

Empathy is the ability of Clairsentience- clear feeling, but instead of where it is typically used in psychic readings, it is a natural inbuilt system that has been dialed up to the point where you can pick up on the thoughts, feelings, emotions and illnesses of other people, animals and places, without having to consciously tune in to sense and interpret the information. Many Empath’s aren’t aware they are actually tuning into other people’s energy.

An Empath according to the Urban Dictionary is

“A person capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation”

An Archetype is described by Jungian Psychology as-

“A collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thoughts, images etc universally present in individual psyches”

According to the great Carolyn Myss, a world reknowned writer in the field of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, we all each have 4 Archetypes- The Saboteur, the Victim, the Prostitute and the Child.

“Archetypes are impersonal patterns of influence that are both ancient and universal, they become personalised when they are a part of your individual psyche. They provide the foundation for your personality, drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations, and actions… They take an active role as guardians and inner allies, alerting you when you are in danger of falling into destructive or “shadow” behaviour”


Archetypes help you avoid the shadow aspect implicit in their name

The Empath Archetype

Here are some of the common beliefs of the Empath Archetype

Shadow aspects-

  • They soak up all the negative energy around them which may lead to grief, depression and exhaustion
  • Find public spaces overwhelming
  • Feel other people’s emotions and take them on as their own
  • Can pick up and take on the physical symptoms of others
  • Can suffer with nausea, digestive disorders and lower back problems
  • Find that people offload their problems onto them
  • Constant fatigue, often drained of energy
  • Prefer solitude, and they need quiet time to recharge
  • Intolerance to or tend to attract narcissistic relationships
  • Often exhaust themselves trying to help others
  • Victim mentality
  • Feel deep pain for others
  • Attract “Energy Vampires”
  • Lose their own sense of self as they take on other people’s personality traits
  • Anxiety and grief “off the charts” before major catastrophic worldwide events

Empowered Aspects-

  • Feel deep compassion for other people, animals and the world
  • A knowing that goes beyond a gut feeling or intuition
  • Can tell when people are lying or being fake
  • Tend to look out for the “underdog”
  • Drawn to Spirituality and energy healing
  • Love animals and nature
  • They strive for the truth
  • Always seeking answers and knowledge
  • Free Spirits, or don’t fit in
  • Great listeners and natural counsellors
  • An innate Connection with Source, also known as Oneness
  • Know what their own energy feels like and can easily identify when they have taken on other people’s emotions
  • Have strong boundaries
  • Have great self care

Empaths and the Psychic Protection Myth

I’ve seen many Empaths posting in online groups asking for help for how they “protect themselves” from energy vampires, going out in public, from people who dump their problems on them and I’ve seen responses that disempower Emapths into believing they need to be “protected” against something. Answers like-

  • Use black crystals to absorb the negative energy
  • Put yourself in a bubble of light
  • Use a prayer of protection such as “Archangel Michael protect me from all lower energies”
  • Calling in White light to create a “Shield”
  • Saging yourself after being around others
  • Wearing crystals as jewelry to protect your energy eg tigers eye and Amethyst
  • Carrying crystals in your bra
  • Put up protective walls or mirrors around you to keep yourself safe

The truth of Protection for Empaths

The word “protection” simply implies there is something you need to be protected from. In actual fact, nothing can hurt you, disempower you or affect you without your consent (conscious or unconscious). And the belief that you need “protection” sends a message to the Universe (Law of Attraction) that something exists that you need protecting from so it will send it to you so you have to protect yourself, and the circle continues.

Here’s how you shift from a Victim Empath who believes they need Protection to an Empowered Empath who knows they are in control of their energy-

  • No one drains your energy without your permission. This “permission granting” goes deeper than conscious consent, it can be a belief deep in your subconscious around helplessness, seeking approval from others, losing power to others etc. No one is more powerful than you, unless you allow them to be. Recognise where you are giving your power away to others and step into your mastery and become an empowered Empath who doesn’t need to “protect” their energy anymore.
  • Quite often the auras of Empath’s are “leaking” into other people’s auras. Normally an aura should be about an arms length all around you and above and below you. Quite often Empath’s auras stretch much farther out than this, and into other people’s auras which is why they pick up on others emotions, thoughts and illnesses. Some believe this may have started in childhood where as children they would have been wanting to sense danger around them, or pick up on the moods of caregivers or parents around them so they would have sent their aura out to sense the energy in the room or house to see how they need to respond to the situation. The key here for the Empath is to consciously bring their aura back to the area around their body, by simply setting the intention and visualising it coming back to about an arms length all around their body. When going out in public, the aura can be brought in even closer to the body, a technique I’ve heard of being used when famous people want to go out in a shopping centre for example but don’t want to be seen. The downside of doing this is it may also make you “invisible” to others and impact on getting service in cafe for example, so it is important to remember to bring your aura back to it’s natural position around your body
  • Knowing your own energy. It is important for anyone to know who they are at a deep level, this means knowing what your energy feels like so if you pick up someone else’s energy you will quickly be able to ascertain it doesn’t belong to you and disconnect from it. For example, paying attention to how you feel when at home, when you’re relaxed, or having fun, in your natural state. Pay attention to how that feels, do you feel calm? Centered? Uplifted? Energised? Make a mental note of different aspects of how your own energy feels. Then next time you’re with others or in public spaces  and you start to feel anxious, tired, sick in the stomach etc this is the first sign to recognise you’ve taken on other energy that isn’t yours. Quite often by acknowledging it will be enough to disconnect from it. And saying affirmations like “I release all energy and emotions that are not mine” or “I am 100% my energy and no-one else’s” are great at helping to disconnect
  • Being Empowered and not a Victim. By being aware of the shadow Archetype of the Empath it is your ally to showing you when you may be playing the victim role instead of being empowered. A victim will be thinking or saying things like “Other people drain my energy” “I attract energy vampires” whereas an empowered Empath will know they are in control of their energy body, and what comes into it, and that no one can affect them unless they have given permission on some level.
  • Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries. Learning to say “NO”, “Not my problem”, not hanging around negative people, standing up for yourself, choosing how much you share with people, what or who you follow on Social Media, what behaviour you will or will not tolerate, knowing your own value code, not trying to rescue others, not tolerating drama, and not taking on others opinions are just a few examples of healthy boundaries
  • Raise your vibration. When you have a higher vibration lower you simply don’t attract “energy vampires” and draining situations anymore, as you simply won’t be an energetic match to it. Simple ways of raising your vibration include watching and redirecting your thoughts, gratitude, appreciation, spending time in nature, eating healthy foods, drinking more water, exercising, and meditation


Leesa Turner

Leesa Turner

I’m Leesa Turner. I’m not your average psychic (and I work hard not to be). I work with Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, and Intuition and help show you the New Way of doing business. You’re not a cookie cutter entrepreneur, and sometimes you need advice and guidance that is just as unique as you are. “Energy first, physical second” is my motto I live by.

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