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If you have found this blog due to a fear of spirits, the first thing to recognise is that you are not alone. A fear of the spirit world and the paranormal is very common due to societal beliefs and conditioning, Hollywood movies, family beliefs, ancestral beliefs and patterns and past life fears. I’ve written this 7 part blog series to explain to you about your fear of spirits, your fight/flight nervous system response, how to calm it all down and many other tools to help you quickly switch from fear to empowerment. 

Many of us had ancestors who would have been punished or killed for having psychic gifts, “witches” who were burnt at the stake for their work, women ancestors who hid their work and did it secretly for fear of being found out and persecuted or executed. Many of us have past lives where these fears originate from. Or they could be beliefs in our conscious or subconscious mind basements that we don’t even realise are there, perhaps from what we were taught or picked up in our childhood, yet for some people they trigger huge amounts of fear and panic in us when we think about the spirit world or using our psychic gifts. 

For anyone dealing with fear of spirits, or fear of the supernatural and the unknown, my recommendation is to work with a Kinesiologist to find out what the fears are, where they come from and clear them out. I work with Renee at Re:New You Kinesiology, you can find her Facebook page here 

From my personal experience once the fears have been shifted situations around spirit will no longer trigger you and you can be at peace and joy to explore your gifts and open up to the spirit world. However, with these fears running programs in the background of your mind, any interaction with spirit for some will most likely be fearful, terror inducing and panic ridden.

Whether spirits are interrupting your sleep, coming to you in dreams, or in meditations, your fear programs will connect with the box in your mind where those fears are stored and automatically filter the experience into something scary.  Or if you are struggling with Lost Souls following you home, or getting attachments, again it’s more common than what you- think it just isn’t talked about. Book in with a Kinesiologist to get to the core of why it is happening.

It really is as simple as using the innate intelligence of your own body to find out why your energetic boundaries are allowing things to enter. But that’s a whole other blog post to talk about this issue, but please know you are not alone, it is a common occurrence, and it can be resolved easily with Kinesiology. For some people setting firm boundaries is all they need, for others they need to delve into the past lives and ancestral patterns to shift it out. It will be unique for everyone.

The Spirit world is unconditionally loving and kind, they don’t want to scare you or hurt you or cause you to have panic or terror. It is your mind, your thoughts and your fears that will create the interactions as something “bad”. Once the fears are cleared you can interact with Spirit and experience the truthful love of the Spirit world and have healthy connections to your loved ones, your guides, and even work doing  readings. The key to remember and I will discuss later, is that FEAR ISN’T REAL. 

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