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Emotional Stress Release Points (ESR Points)

When we are under stress or the fight/flight response has been triggered, the back part of our brain near our spinal cord is triggered and this sends a warning signal to our nervous system that there is potential danger. This is also the part of the brain where past traumas, experiences and emotions attached to situations are stored. When we hold the ESR points, which are located on our forehead, we are bringing the blood out of that activation back into the frontal lobe of the brain where we can make new choices and have better, clearer thinking and reactions.

The ESR points are located in the middle of our forehead, just above the eyebrows, directly inline with each eye’s pupil. To activate these points, simply using the first and second fingers on each hand, hold gently until you feel the stressful or fearful thoughts and reactions subside. Don’t rush yourself with this process, the intention is to calm the nervous system down out of fight/flight, and by activating these points it sends a signal to the Brain and nervous system that what you are thinking about is OK. When holding these points when the full stress or fear around spirits is activated, it sends a signal to the body that it is ok to think about the subject, and then to finish off this action, visualise how your want your reaction to the spirit world to be. Continue holding the points until you feel relief. These points can be used as often as needed.


Hold these points gently to activate the Stress Release Response. Focus on your breathing, and keep holding these points while you think about the fear to send a signal to your body that it is OK to calm down when you think of this subject

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