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Brain Switching

Another physical response that may get triggered or activated when this fear of the spirit world is triggered is what’s known in kinesiology as “Brain Switching”.

The brain is made up of 2 hemispheres, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is all about colour, creativity, music, intuition, imagination, arts, feelings, visualisations, and the left hemisphere is all about logical and sequential thinking, mathematics, facts, science, analytical thinking, and reasoning.

The 2 hemispheres compliment each other, working together in harmony to create mental balance. Mental balance occurs when we are able to access both sides of the brain simultaneously, or is also known as brain integration. This brain balance or integration can be affected by stress, and the fight/flight response. The left and right hemispheres of the brain are connected by millions of fibres called the corpus callosum. Information is constantly passing back and forth between these hemispheres via these fibres and when we become stressed or the fight/flight response activated, this information becomes scrambled, and our hemispheres stop talking to each other, limiting our capacity to think logically, rationally, intuitively and creatively.  This is known as “Brain switching”. When an area of our brain or nervous system becomes overloaded and stressed, parts of the brain may become switched off and we can no longer process information properly.

Brain switching may feel like-

  • Going around and around in circles trying to problem solve a topic but getting nowhere
  • Stuck in fear paralysis unable to get out of it
  • Thinking that is illogical, irrational, and you are unable to make sense of situations or how to react to them in the best way
  • Physical activity may feel harder than usual, you may feel off balance, unstable, or out of sync., difficulty walking up stairs, disorientation when looking down from heights and dyslexic tendencies such as “mincing words” or confusing letters like p and b, and not being able to reverse a car using the rear view mirror.

To get the brain out of this switching pattern and reintegrated there are a few simple and easy movements you can do-

The Cross Crawl

The Cross Crawl is a movement used in Brain Gym to get both sides of the brain activated and connected again. It is simple as follows- Standing comfortably, imagine a line running down the centre of your body. Now march on the spot, bringing one knee up while you touch that knee with the opposite hand, making sure that hand crosses over that imaginary line in the middle of your body.

Now lift the other knee up and cross the opposite hand over that imaginary middle line and touch the opposite knee
Do this movement slowly and rhythmically until you feel like both sides of the movement (both opposite arms and legs) are flowing smoothly and equally, or do it for about 30 seconds. The movement of the cross crawl reinstates the connection between both sides of the brain hemispheres, returns fluid movement to all parts of the body where blood may have been taken elsewhere when the fight/flight response was activated, bringing back logical and rational thinking and the ability to problem solve.
Place one hand over your navel, then with the other hand make a “C” shape with your thumb and fingers of your other hand, then rub above the top lip and below the bottom lip at the same time. Do this for about 20-30 seconds
Now swap hands over and repeat again for 20-30 seconds
Place one hand over the navel, with the other hand make a “gun” shape with the thumb and first two fingers. With this “gun” shape rub just below the collar bones, where the ends come together and out approx 2 cms.
And swap hands over and repeat for 20-30 seconds
Zip up the central meridian. The central meridian runs from the pubic bone in an upwards direction to the bottom lip. Simply with one hand, start at the pubic bone and “Sweep” your hand up and touch the bottom lip, then bring your hand out to the side then down to your pubic bone and repeat. Never run this meridian in a downwards direction as it will keep you off centre. Do this movement 6-10 times.
Now sweep up gently and stop when you reach your bottom lip
Place one hand over the navel again, and use the other hand to rub the tail bone or sacrum of the lower back region
Now swap hands over and repeat again for 20-30 seconds

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