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Intuition will be one of the most sought-after skills for employers in the next 10-15 years, or the most desired skill employees and entrepreneurs will want to develop to enhance their careers.

I’m not talking about developing your psychic abilities to do psychic readings, in fact I’m moving away from that idea myself. I’m talking about developing your intuition so you are in a daily conversation with it, you live in an interconnectedness where the natural conversation between your soul and higher self flows throughout your day.

This idea of this interconnectedness with your intuition, is about embracing a state of flow and allowing, as you work together symbiotically, using it as you go about your day, at work, with your children, using it to guide you on which way to travel to work, where to have lunch. It is an interconnectedness with your internal guiding system that you trust without question or doubt. It is about following your intuition when it leads you out of your comfort zone, only to take to to meeting the right person at the right place at the exact right time. 

It is also about intentionally using it to connect to altered states where you can enhance your intuition, ask to be shown solutions to your problems, to bring in innovative or revolutionary ideas or products to bring your business, and to be more creative.

Steve Jobs attributed his great success to his intuition. In his biography, Jobs openly discussed his use of his intuition, “Intuition is absolutely more powerful than Intellect” adding “This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life”.  Steve Jobs was an American inventor, designer and leading entrepreneur who co-founded Apple, and as we know Apple had revolutionary products like the iPod, iPhone, iPad which have revolutionised our technology. It was Jobs’ innovation, ingenuity and intuition that helped him create the massive success of his products and company still to this day

Thomas Edison is a world-famous inventor who is not very well known for his deliberate and intentional manipulation of the Theta brain wave frequency to solve his problems and gain insight into his inventions. His famous inventions include the light bulb, the phonograph, motion picture to name some of the more famous ones, however he has 1093 patents filed in the US.

Edison used to take a nap sitting upright in a chair, holding two steel balls in both his hands, and placed directly underneath his hands on the floor were metal bowls. His idea was simple- as he relaxed and fell asleep, his muscles would naturally relax and his hands would drop the balls, they would fall and hit the metal bowls, waking him up. He would be woken up just as he had entered the Theta Brain frequency, where he would get the answers he sought, or ideas and he would immediately write down anything that came to him just before waking.

Intuition and Brain Frequencies

The Beta Brain frequency (13-32 Hz) is our normal waking frequency. It is where you are alert, thinking, problem solving, concentrating, going about your usual daily tasks. In the Beta state you are more plugged in to your external environment than your inner world. You are more likely to be focused on the past our future than the present moment, and it is when we are in this state, we are less able to access our intuition, creative ideas and inspiration.

The Alpha Brain Frequency is where we remove our attention from the outer world to our inner world. Alpha is “The power of Now”, or mindfulness. It is the resting brain state for the brain. It is the brain frequency where we calm our body, attain relaxation, and remove ourselves from a stressful state. It is also the frequency where we can access our natural intuition, creative visualisation, and get great ideas. In the Alpha brain frequency, we have less sensory info coming in from our outer world and we are more aware of our inner world.

Alpha Brain frequency (8-13 Hz) can easily be attained- Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out, then with your eyes still closed, gently look up to where your eyebrows are, about 15 degrees up. Continue to breathe in a relaxed state while keeping your focus on your eyes looking up.

Other ways to access the Alpha brain frequency are to take long hot baths, go for walks or runs, do some creative art, listen to relaxing music, yoga, tai chi etc

“I’ve trusted the still, small voice of my intuition my entire life. And the only time I’ve made mistakes is when I didn’t listen” – Oprah

The Theta Brain Frequency (4-8 Hz) is the frequency Edison intentionally connected to to get new ideas and inspiration from the Quantum Field. It is the brain frequency where we are asleep yet still awake and aware. The body is asleep, and the mind is awake.

It is the realm of deep states of meditation, spiritual experiences, and higher states of consciousness. It is where we access downloads, inspiration, manifesting or creating your reality, exceptional insight and profound ideas, as well as where we can heal our bodies. It is a deeper relaxed state than Alpha and is the point just before you drop off into deeper Delta sleep or where you just begin to wake up before reaching Alpha. Theta is also the state where you do things automatically, like driving your car, washing dishes or in the shower. Theta can be accessed via meditation, binaural beats, or you can set an intention for ideas or solutions before taking a nap and see what comes to you.

In the Theta Brain frequency our subconscious intuitive mind is very accessible and open, we can access dimensions of reality that our conscious mind cannot.

Intuition is the voice of higher guidance, creativity, visionary foresight, inspiration, profound creativity. The great inventors and innovators of the world have deliberately connected with the theta state and their intuition to bring in ideas and innovations that place them ahead of the pack, and revolutionise their fields. It is this skill, of being able to consciously and intentionally work with our intuitive mind and the Theta Brain Frequency that employers will want their employees to have, and more and more entrepreneurs will be wanting to develop so their businesses can become revolutionary and impact human kind.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” – Albert Einstein


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