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When we can meet in the common ground we put aside our own ideas, our own motivations, our own struggles, and for a brief moment we come to a space of grace and compassion where we are able to hold space for the other parties, so they may feel heard and honored. And we ask in return that we may speak and feel heard and honored as well.

The common ground is the place we put down our walls and our weapons for a brief moment and come together with open hearts to simply say “I see you” and all of your traumas and experiences that have led you to the worldviews and beliefs you have today.

It is through your pain, your trauma, and your experiences that have led you to take on certain ideas and world views for what feels safe for you, and these particular worldviews and ideas are what helps you anchor in this feeling of safety, of how you can make sense of all the nonsense in the world, all the craziness and the events that happened, and the events which still happen-  We formulate conclusions and stances based on it being the only way we can comprehend some of the atrocities that have happened here.

To be in the common ground is the ability to find a to come to a place of compassion for all, when the outside forces around you may feel heavy, to be to stand in the middle of the chaos and hold compassion in your heart.

This ability to hold compassion continuously while the storm unfolds around you, to be the centre of the storm, and to not get pulled into opposing sides is the true test of character in these times

For when we can hold space, to see and hear all sides, allows us into a space of grace and fortitude and inner building of strength and character which allows us to rise above the pain of the collective stories to hold space for others, to allow them to be heard but not to be pulled into the drama and the chaos around us

Standing in the place of the common round with compassion in our hearts allows built-up pressure  to be released from the collective in those around us as we walk with peace and compassion anchored into our hearts, we hold greater light, greater coherence, and we set forth a vibration to others around us that allows them to come into our frequency to balance out, creating a ripple effect to those around us and our community

Compassion is a wave of love you send forth to quash the energy of anger in others


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