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The team of guides I channel wish to talk about psychic protection.

Psychic Protection is a misnomer.

Where you have bought into the idea of psychic protection, you have bought into a collective subset of beliefs, information, and ideas, and this collective of all of these things apply to you because you believe you need some kind of psychic protection in this field of information.
And amongst this collective field of information is all of the thought-forms and all of the ideas and information from everyone who has ever been a part of this collective.
You are too busy caught up in this world of psychic protection and you miss the bigger picture. For when you step out of this world and you look over at the bigger picture, and you rise above it, and you rise above the collective noise and frequency of this, you rise up higher and see it from God’s view-

There is only love.

Anything else that has been created is of the Ego and is out of fear. In the realm in which God exists, there is no fear, God has not created this, it is a creation of the ego-mind.
And that is the density of the choice of duality here on this planet. This duality of believing in this collective idea- is a choice. For as the opposite also exists, of light and frequency, expansion, and yet so many people choose to make the choice of duality towards psychic protection.
And we say to you, when you come to this planet, there are many choices of duality to decide to go into, do you believe this or do you believe that? And the choice of choosing to believe into this idea of psychic protection, it is a choice and once you make that choice you to connect to that field of potential and possibility, and all of those potentials do exist for you, and while ever you are attached to that collective of ideas of psychic protection, many of those aspects can and will apply to you.
And we say to you, by choosing the other, the other aspect of duality- of light, to choose to step away from this collective idea, choosing another form of light, on the other side of duality on this topic, that there is an Omnipresence that surrounds you, all around you, this Omnipresence, whether you call it Unconditional Love, the Universe, frequency, God, Divine Beings, this Omnipresence is always around you, always, unlimited, it is helping you to expand. It can bring you joy on so many levels.
This Omnipresence begins with life, itself, it is life, it is the life-force that sustains your energy and your soul in your body in this dimension. And we say to you that this is the other choice.

Choose Omnipresence.

Choose to connect to the field all around you. This ever-loving, supportive, nurturing, nourishing, Omnipresentt energy.
This energy that gives life, brings life force to the planet in many forms, is the construct of the Universe, it is the construct of God.
The other is the construct of the mind of man, a man who has been disconnected for eons from their Omnipresence, from their intuition, from their hearts.
Through lifetimes of fear conditioning, being trained, to buy into this belief system, thus limiting their capacity for creation.
And these are the 2 choices before you now. Step into a world of Omnipresence, or this man made fear.
This Omnipresence world is a world of light, expansion, knowing, truth.

This feeling of being connected to this omnipresence is like coming home.

It is a feeling of love returning, melting fears, disconnecting, and putting down armors designed to keep this love out.
And quite often this is the experience of what psychic protection is, it is quite often energies that we are wanting to keep out, we have been misguided and misled into believing what these energies are, that we project these collective fears and beliefs onto these energies, where quite often these energies are the most loving and kind energies that are coming in to support you, but we project these fears onto them, and we mislabel these energies, and this is the misnomer that we mentioned.
That there is only loving and kind energies that existed here, it is the projection of the fears of mankind onto these energies, and so the work begins where we need to search within ourselves to identify this collective belief, and we do the inner work to identify what fears we are projecting onto these energies, and why we choose to label all these energies as something bad, and why do we not choose to make them into something that is good and beneficial to us?
The nature of mankind, it is natural for mankind to do this, to think the worst-case scenario about things to not trust people, this is the ego, this is the duality that exists, and we say it is about coming back into the heart overcoming and, with a clear mind and clear heart allowing these energies to come in and offer their support and guidance, offer their nurturing, and overcome this misnomer, once and for all.
Copyright Leesa Turner 2021

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