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What is intuition?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Intuition as a) “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference” b) “immediate apprehension or cognition” c) “knowledge or conviction gained by intuition”.

HeartMath Institute describes it as “Intuition is the process of perceiving or knowing something without conscious reasoning: knowledge of events such as an act of nature that has yet to happen; or knowledge of a distant material object such as an unseen obstruction blocking the highway ahead.”

So what is Intuition? Let’s take a deep exploration of the subject.

Consciousness, (also called the Quantum Field, The Unified Field, The One Mind, God), is always communicating with us. We are always in a 2-way symbiotic relationship, transferring information back and forth.

How we receive information from the field is via what we call Intuition.

The messages we receive and call intuition is information that sometimes we couldn’t normally have known or is outside of our knowledge, experience, or memories, and lacks the normal reasoning of how we have been able to attain the information.

Intuition helps us to expand our knowledge in the depth of awareness into areas that otherwise may have been previously unknown.

Intuition is the language of the cosmos.

We are in a constant feedback loop with this energy contained within the cosmos, (the unified brain, unified field, the quantum field). We have body receptors that are constantly feeding into this system around us. These receptors are entry points for the electromagnetic signatures of the frequency of the messages that we are attuned to from this cosmic field of information.

Now, this cosmic field of information is open for everybody to access, always. We’re all part of it, we’re all connected to it always, it is a matter of how this feedback loop, how well it is connected to our system, how much we pay attention to it, how much time we spend working to strengthen this pathway of communication with this field that enhances our intuition and enhances our engagement with this communication of this information highway.

Now to expand on the frequency and the language of the body, frequency speaks in many different ways, in many different levels and depths. People are attuned to all different wavelengths of frequency, what we call our vibration. Our electromagnetic centers each contain specific sets of instructions and information at certain frequencies, and they can be dialed up and down like a radio station to tune into different wavelengths of frequency within the field of information. This is often what we call “raising our vibration”.

We can finely tune our bodies processing system which allows us to access the different wavelengths of frequency of information which will give us the information we aspire to receive, and with our ability to finally attune our bodies electromagnetic sensitivity and frequency to this field of information will then contribute to the level of information that we receive back in through our system.

This information is received via the heart center, as this is the main activated electromagnetic frequency portal within our body and then from here through the heart center it travels via the nervous system where it connects into the brain where it is translated into thoughts, words, ideas.

From here, these thoughts, words, and ideas can be translated into further information around our environment. Is it a warning? is it a precursor? Is it a signal to go left, or got to right? To ring someone? All of the information that is being communicated from this field transfers through our heart electromagnetic settings, and from here it is transferred via our nervous system to the different plexuses (or energy centers) within the body.

For example, the information may be transferred via our nervous system to our solar plexus chakra, which is our everyday intuition or survival intuition and day-to-day knowing. It may be transferred by our nervous system to feeling what we call a gut knowing or it may be transferred into a higher level of consciousness through our activated psychic senses, what we may call our third eye to our psychic vision.

It is important to mention that you can change the frequency that you’re dialing into at any time, you can change those settings to change the frequency of information that you are connecting into thus giving you access to multiple layers and levels of information on any given subject. It all depends on the radio frequency that you are attuned to on that subject.

Intuition is the body’s response to the electromagnetic signature of the Unified Field.

Intuition is this constant feedback loop that is constantly feeding us with information. We are constantly picking up on signals around us in our environment through our bodies, through our nervous system and we feed this information back through this One Mind, throughout the electromagnetic field, it is through the senses of our electromagnetic field in our body that may tell me to perceive danger, that we may perceive a knowing whether to trust a person or not, where something feels right or off, our intuition is constantly giving us this feedback through our environment around us through the senses, through our body, through our thought processing centers in our brain, and all of this information is transferred into our hearts first.

Intuition is not something that is limited to a few select gifted psychic people

Intuition is our birthright sense, it is our Internet connection to this unified field of information and we all have access to this always, it’s whether or not we are paying attention, whether we know how to acknowledge the information or sensors we are receiving within our body. The body’s receptivity to this intuition connection can be trained and enhanced

The scope of Intuition in which your consciousness has is ready to expand to meet the same level of mind and frequency within the unified field. Your connection, your level of consciousness contained is made up of your beliefs, your worldview, your experiences, your conditioning- it is your level of consciousness that all of these things are contained within that interacts with the one mind’s consciousness and all information that is fed back through your body via your intuition is filtered through the layers of your consciousness through the layers of your belief systems, your knowledge, and your awareness. Where we say raising consciousness or raising your vibration is when we begin to look at what is contained within our consciousness and when we start to look at our consciousness and what is contained within and we start letting go of old outdated beliefs, we upgrade beliefs, we bring in new information, this expands our consciousness and this expands the frequency of information that we can receive from the unified field.

It is this level of work where it will enhance and only enhance the quality of information that you receive from this field. Your body’s ability to translate the information through your nervous system, through your energy bodies, is nothing to be feared. This connection to source is a natural pathway of connection, is a natural source of information.

Many people have this natural connection, and quite often this information receptivity may be distorted, and we confuse it with the ego-mind. Quite often intuition will be a feeling, a sense, a knowing over a thought- this is how intuition works, to bypass the ego thinking mind. It will be a sense, a sensation, perhaps in your gut, it may be a knowing within your heart and maybe the shivers you get down your spine.

It was deliberately chosen to use the body sensations to translate the intuitive information to bypass the linear analytical mind. To develop our intuition, we encourage the attention to the receptivity of this information through the body’s senses, sensations, and feelings.

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