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We are in a transitional phase


The biggest phase in one generation we have ever seen. The biggest single shift in consciousness ever experienced in the shortest space of time and history


And you signed up to be here for it.


Imagine if you will, a time where the earth stood still. Raptures of light echoed around the stillness and spaciousness of the world. The voice of God could echo through the great halls of life and every man woman child and animal could hear clearly the Laws as stated by God. Every person knew the laws and knew their rights too. Every person knew what God’s laws were, the Universal Laws, the universal law to understand the power of the being to create using consciousness, to shift matter with the mind, and that they had the gift of freewill to do with that gift as they so choose.

Now imagine that the will of God was carried out through the people for the highest interaction of all. The animals knew no stress or pain. The children were loved, sheltered, educated, and free to roam through the playgrounds of the world. All children knew their voice, they knew their time was to come, where they would sing at the top of their lungs, the joyousness and spaciousness of their freedom, and how it felt to exist on the planet, free to explore, free to expand, free to play, knowing they had the free will to choose what they would participate in or engage in and what they would not.

To know they had free will to create and add to the world to help it become a better place, not taking away from anyone else to do so.

Respecting the freedoms and free will of all other beings in their rightful place to express their freedom how they wished.

But also, whilst respecting the laws of God and the laws of the land, every living creature, the waterways, the oceans, the rivers, the air, the streams, the fish, the birds, the mountains, the valleys, the hills, the plains, the beasts, the birds, the fish the mammals all under control of God’s law, to not intervene or interfere with the natural order of life

Now imagine that over many centuries God’s laws and people’s free will and freedoms have been eroded. Man has become so disconnected from the voice of God, the world has become such a busy noisy place that God’s voice is drowned out in a sea of distractions, a world of noise, a world filled with seemingly more important things that must be done. And Man got further and further away from the voice of God, and the voice of himself. He forgot who he was, Man forgot his power. Man forgot his ability to move consciousness on this great planet to create freely. Man forgot he had the right to move across the oceans and plains as he saw fit, as he was guided to, without restriction. Man forgot he had the right to free will to decide with impassioned pleas to his body’s health and wellbeing.


And here is the greatest pandemic of our times- we have forgotten who we are


And here is the greatest pandemic of our times, we have forgotten who we are, why we came here, who we are connected to. We have lost our self-esteem, lost our voice, lost our knowledge of our rights and freedoms under God’s law and Universal law

So, what is the antidote to this pandemic?

Restore your individual remembrance of who you are, and who you came here to be. Restore your remembrance of the power of the individual thought and the individual’s ability to create through the power of shifting worlds by shifting Consciousness. To remember body autonomy. To remember that no man can or should ever have power over another’s free will. That all children are to God’s children and should be free and have their freedoms protected. Their right to play reinstalled and reinstated, their right to explore the world through a child’s eyes reestablished. The right to move across the land. The right to own land and grow crops and feed one’s family. The right to be a part of a community, to build communities built upon the shoulders of our ancestors who have walked before us, not built upon force by men abusing positions of power.

We have got it backward. We have inverted our true power. And this is the transition time we are now in. To invert our personal power back into the correct position. How we create freedom in this time is one by one we take back our power in our lives. We learn God’s laws, the laws of the lands, not man-made laws. We unplug from systems where our power is inverted and we create new systems where our power is restored.

We remember that under God we are sovereign beings who are inherently free.

And as each one of us restores our empowerment and our sovereignty, we add the energy of self-empowered freedom and free-will back into the collective consciousness. We hold the energetic container for freedom for others so they may find solid ground to rise into it as well. And as this container grows and grows, it is built upon true power, right power, loving power, and free will power to create whilst respecting the Universal Laws.

And as we remember who we truly are, we restore our rights internally, we restore our empowerment and self-esteem, we remember how powerful we truly are. We make a stand for the rights of each other not just for ourselves. When we look back at our history and see how we have treated each other, and we remember each other’s rights and freedoms, and rights to create with our free will, we also remember that our lands have had these same rights and freedoms taken away and purged. And our animals too. And our waterways, And our air. And our nature, forests, lakes, trees, plants.

And we restore the rights of all these too.


And this is the antidote in this transition period. The greatest period of change on the planet is here.

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