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The next 3 months will be the most intense opportunity for spiritual development & personal insights into your journey yet. The next 3 months offer the opportunity for individuals to step more into their sovereignty, to step more into their own energy, to become more rounded, centered, grounded, and focused on the higher issue at play here-

Human rights, body Sovereignty, personal rights and controls, and the rights and controls of the individual.

More and more people are stepping up now into this idea of Body Sovereignty and Individual Sovereignty.

There will be many breakthroughs in the collective, for example in Australia where we will be looking more into the Constitution, The Federation, and the rules and structures under which Australia was declared a nation back in 1901.

They will be looking more and more intensely at the energy, intention, definition, meaning, laws, and interpretations behind what was declared at the Federation in 1901.

There will be a re-visitation of this legislation to clearly refine landmark rulings and decisions, exactly the powers the government has over people, and the rights people have retained for themselves.

This is in conjunction with the timing of the recognition of the true owners of the Australian flagship- the First Nations people, reclaiming rights, reclaiming rightful ownership, reclaiming their sovereignty over the “Crown” now.

There will be more legal work done, more lawyers of Human Rights aspects coming to represent the Aboriginal people. Where you say their “claim” of ownership of the land, you need to understand there is no claim- it IS.

As the original guardians, they have empowered in them their custodial rights as a First Nation’s people that will be acknowledged and returned.

The next 3 months will be the beginning of the exploration of the movement towards the rightful ownership and place of these peoples.

Their lands, their traditions, their custodians, and how this impacts the current guardianship of the crown and its laws. For there have been many laws which have been breached, many human rights violations, many laws that are disconnected and out of context with the original overriding law of the land of this country, and once the foundational aspects have been returned to and solidified, there have been many laws which have been implemented in the name of governing that will be found to be void and over-reaching of the population.

That the sense of the word “Democratic” will become very strongly embedded into the voice of the Australian people, where people have become complacent with their democratic rights, they have forgotten what a democratic country actually is.

The word “Democratic” will be the popular word for the coming 3 months in the lead up to Australia Day 2022.

What is a democratic nation? What does it stand for? What are the rights of the people? What are the rights of the people who founded it?

The Democratic rule of the country, the rights returning to the people, the Government in essence later in 2022 turning around to work for the people. We will come back to this at a later date. 

The main theme over the next 3 months will be of a Democratic nature and “What does Democracy mean for me?” at an individual level. People exploring what it means, what a democratic nation is, and what it is not, and knowing the difference between the two, and people recognising where things are currently out of alignment between them. 

It will very much be a hot agenda and a hot topic, as there are many different interpretaions to democracy. It will mean different things to different poeple. But there will be a common thread- 

The freedom of the nation, the freedom of rights, the freedom of rights to movement within a nation, the right to public representation, the right to free speech are all underpinning of a democratic nation. 

The right to medical privacy, the right to own ones own decision of their own medical choices as well. 

There will be much movement within the capital cities, that will be moving more towards standing up for the people of their democratic nation, and standing up hearing the voice of the people cheering on their brothers and sisters (other countries) and demanding their rights be reinstated. 

There will be a further call in 2022 in regards to the people having further democratic votes and voices on government policy making decisions. People will demand more control, will demand more action, the people will demand their voice is heard and the people will demand that the greater majority of the voice decides and overrides the intention of the policy makers of the country. 

It is a real turning point in the flagship of this nation.

In Service and Light 
The Angels of Alignment, channeled by Leesa Turner 10/10/2021


Leesa is a channel and primarily works with her team of guides which include a group called the Angels of Alignment.

The Angels of Alignment have come forth at this important time in our history to assist people to navigate the huge change we are currently seeing, by aligning people’s energy back to their purest connection to their source- their Higher-Self.

You can now work with the Angels of Alignment in a new 1.5-hour session where they work with your energy for the next 3 months, aligning you to your highest timeline and clearing the path forward for you to stay clear and focused on what is important for you to achieve for the next 3 months. This session will also be combined with a Q&A, Leesa looks at your goals and what you are wanting to achieve, and then Leesa will work with the Angels to set your energy up so you are connected to that outcome.

Working with the Angels of Alignment also gives you a much broader picture of your visions, allowing you to see any blind spots, and also offer insights, ideas, and possibilities to expand on your vision.

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