Hi, I’m Leesa

I love working with clients who have big hearts and know they are here to help change other people’s lives.

They just need help to get their intuition and gifts really connected, clear and efficient so they can work more effectively and have more trust. 

Back in 2016, I’d already been doing readings and energy healings for a few years when I experienced a huge psychic opening. All of a sudden, I could hear the spirit world as clearly as I could hear another person in the room. I was beginning to see spirit with my physical eyes as well. And at the same time, I was caught up in the world of needing psychic protection. I had poor boundaries, was seriously ungrounded, had psychic abilities wide open, and had no ability to contain it all. To see I was frightened was an understatement!

In the years after, I did everything I could to shut down my gifts. What followed was years of inner work, getting grounded, establishing boundaries, and developing tools so I could receive intuitive guidance in other ways.

As I was able to work through a lot of my fears, my gifts began to reopen, and I also developed my main gift of channeling. 

Now I teach others how to connect to and work with their intuition, gifts, guides, and more.


As a medical intuitive and a channel, I have the unique gift of being able to see exactly how intuition connects inside a client’s body and I can tell my clients exactly how it is their intuition works for them

We aren’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to intuition or psychic development.


I’ve tried group programs in the past. I tried training to be an evidential psychic, but I was too big for that box. Then I signed up for a $12,000, 12-month intuition training program, which I walked away from halfway through totally prepared to lose all my investment as again I had to shut down my intuition to fit into their program.

What I needed was 1:1 training and guidance to help me find out how it is that my intuition works. Since then I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars working with different processes, courses, books, and sessions, and from that have found what works the most efficiently. I have also developed my own unique processes which fast track an individual’s intuitive connection and psychic development.

I’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. And now I fast-track other people’s intuition for them.

Fast-tracking is one of my gifts. I take complex information, simplify it and find faster and easier ways to get results. I’m also very conscious after my experience of having my own gifts blow wide open to make sure that never happens to my clients.

All of my sessions are tailored to the individual to meet them wherever they are, and what their goals are. This, in my opinion, is exactly how intuition training needs to be.

Whether you are just wanting to use your intuition more in your daily life, or work as a psychic or energy worker I have tailored sessions to meet your goals.

Ready to find out more about my unique intuition training?

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