How do I work as a psychic, channel, and energy healer?

Essentially I help people to ascend from 3D to 5D. I help people with the Spiritual Awakening process. What does this mean?

I help people become better versions of themselves.

I help them to integrate the new parts of themselves and to expand into a bigger version of themselves.

psychic intuition channel

I started my spiritual journey back in 2011 when I received my first Reiki attunement. Since then I have opened up psychically very quickly. 

In 2016 my psychic abilities blew wide open- I didn’t realise I was opening up too fast, in fact, I thought what I was experiencing was very normal! It wasn’t until my clairaudience blew wide opened and I could hear spirit like I could hear a person in the room, that what I was told what I experiencing was far from the norm! 

So here I was, seriously ungrounded, psychic abilities wide open, no boundaries or ability to contain it all, needless to say I was frightened! 

I was constantly bombarded by the Spirit world, and under the belief this was something I needed “protecting” from. Psychic protection is a long-held belief in the New Age community, that if you are going to do any psychic work of any kind, you need to “protect” your energy so nothing “negative” can get in. 

It is through these experiences (which both happened at the same time mind you) that I worked through many different methods of pulling apart this fundamental and incorrect belief that some kind of protection was needed. 

I worked through affirmations, raising my vibration, Law of Attraction, changing my beliefs, to finally understanding Quantum Physics and arriving at the truth that there is absolutely no need for psychic protection to do this work.

And it is through my personal experience that I now teach this in my sessions with clients to save them from going through this journey, that they can start from the Universal Truth that intuition and psychic abilities are our natural state and there is absolutely nothing that can interfere with that 

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