Psychic and Channeled Question & Answer Reading

A mix of channeled and intuitive information

This is either a 30 minute or 1 hour Question & Answer psychic reading style session, with a mix of channeled answers and intuitive information.

In these sessions, we welcome you into a judgment-free zone. We hold the space for communication between your team of guides and mine, for you to ask any questions and explore any topics on your mind. We can help you to understand the bigger picture, to see things with greater detail, to shine a light on any areas you may be missing, and offer insights you need to help you with complex decisions, or to help understand what may be unfolding for you right now.

This isn’t a prediction style reading- my guides won’t interfere with your free will to choose your path in life, merely offering insights and unseen information to help you make clearer choices and gain better understanding.

All sessions are done over Zoom and a recording sent to you.

Book your 30 minute Q&A Reading here

Book your 60 minute Q&A Reading here

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