Channeled Energy Healing

Return to balance and harmony

Channeled Energy Alignment  –  1 Hour $120

I am a channel and I primarily work with my team of guides which include a group called the Angels of Alignment.

The Angels of Alignment have come forth at this important time in our history to assist people to navigate the huge change we are currently seeing, by aligning people’s energy back to their purest connection to their source- their Higher-Self.

When we are connected to our Higher-Self, we are more intuitive, we are clearer and more focused on what truly matters. We can drown out the external noise and bring our energy and attention to the present moment. We quite often get pulled away into our external environment- news, social media, politics, drama, distractions, other peoples opinions and beliefs- none of this matters, what truly matters is that we are listening to ourselves always, listening to our inner guiding light, our Soul which directs us through small energetic nuances, giving us the softest of clues and hints as to where we should be going, what we need to so and anything we need to let go of. When we have this connection to our Source clear and free from external interference our life flows easier, we become synchronised with nature, and doors open for us effortlessly.

The Angels of Alignment have a soft, gentle feminine energy. They never interfere with your free will and tell you what to do. They will offer gentle, positive, uplifting, and affirming guidance but will leave it clear for you to decide which next step to take. They will work on the core of the issue, getting you faster results, identifying and releasing you from old patterns, lifetimes of karma, lifting you out of overwhelm into a higher clearer frequency and a greater alignment with your energy and intuition.

You can choose to work with the Angels of Alignment through a variety of ways-

30 and 60 minutes Channeled Q&A style readings where you get to ask the Angels directly any questions you have to receive clear guidance and answers.

1 hour Channeled Energy Alignment Sessions where the Angels will work to get you realigned with your Higher Source- your intuition and your Higher Self

And a new 1.5-hour session where we work with your energy for the next 3 months, aligning you to your highest timeline and clearing the path forward for you to stay clear and focused on what is important for you to achieve for the next 3 months. This session will also be combined with a Q&A, we look at your goals and what you are wanting to achieve, and then we work with the Angels to set your energy up so you are connected to that outcome. Working with the Angels of Alignment also gives you a much broader picture of your visions, allowing you to see any blind spots, and also offer insights, ideas, and possibilities to expand on your vision.  

All sessions are conducted over Zoom and a recording is emailed to you.

Please note- evening sessions can be arranged at a time that suits us both, please send me a message through my Facebook Business Page to arrange –


Energy Alignment Channeled Healing

Client Love-

I feel like I’m less affected by all the distractions and noise in the external world since my session. I’m not reacting to it anymore as it plays out like I’ve become the observer of a stage performance!

It’s certainly helping me go within, stay in my body and not my head so much and now I’m able to focus more. 

Karen Kennedy

I try to do a lot of inner work both personal and professional myself, but when I can’t find my way through, I have a session with Leesa to gain clarity and shift my vibration to achieve my goals. Leesa is always very professional, compassionate, and non-judgemental. Leesa is an amazing channel, who communicates clearly in an unfiltered fashion that leaves me in no doubt of her abilities. I highly recommend Leesa to anyone any time

Jodie Greenwood

Energy Healer and Intuitive Reader

I had a profound healing and channeling with Leesa which touched on Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical layers. I am selective about who I receive energy healing from, however, my guides were adamant it was Leesa and I know why now. Leesa facilitated great clarity and insights. I felt the energy healing activation in my physical body despite that we met on Zoom. If you are seeking clarity and alignment, book in.

Barbara Brangan

Human Design Mentor