Channeled Energy Healing

Return to balance and harmony

Channeled Energy Alignment and Q&A –  1 Hour $120

There are various options for these Channeled Energy Healing sessions –

– A 30 minute channeled healing with my team of guides to recalibrate, reintegrate, recentre and uplift your vibration, connect you back to your own energy and Higher Self, ready for 2021, followed by a 30 minute Q&A for you to receive guidance for the upcoming year

– Channeled Energy Alignment session-
These sessions are to bring in energetic support for Health and Wellness related goals you are working towards.
There are 8 dimensions to health and wellness-
And a 9th! Which is Ascension Energies and Upgrades
In these sessions, I use diagnostic tools such as medical intuition, channeling and psychic clairs and also work with my team of guides (and yours!)
– Or a channeled healing tailored to suit your individual needs

Please note- evening sessions can be arranged at a time that suits us both, please send me a message through my Facebook Business Page to arrange –


Energy Alignment Channeled Healing