Distant healing, the idea, the word, the terminology, and the whole belief system behind it, is based on linear time, there needs to be a linear time for distance, if you were to drive from point A to point B it takes distance and it takes time, so distance healing is based very much on that belief.

We want you to transcend beyond that and understand that within the quantum field is what is called entanglement. What this means is that all beings, including rocks and trees and water every single thing in the entire universe, is entangled. So there have been experiments that show that if they were to split a crystal in half and move it to 2 separate locations on different sides of the planet, if they directed light to one half of that crystal it would move and so would the other one. So that is how entanglement works, it is energetic connections through bio-magnetic fields of energy and light that is how things can move in an instant because they are entangled.

We want to move everyone from this idea of distance healing into instant healing, even instant healing is not the correct word, quantum healing is the better word to use.

Understanding that the correct way that energy healing works is through entanglement, and it is an immediate effect with immediate response. It is only the person’s and client’s belief systems that get in the way of how and when they receive the healing.  

It is understanding through these particles in entanglement form a very fine grid or network that connects everything and that it is just through knowing that this is the truth through the basis of the universe and how the universe works.

So, you could choose to send some energy to a flower over a kilometer away, because I know with entanglement we are connected and with intention, I can just direct my thoughts over there and send that flower love and I know they will receive.

The goal would be to practice this, then receive back from the flower the confirmation and how they feel they have received that. But it is also not needing that confirmation, because some clients will not be at that level of understanding so you do not want to be waiting for their confirmation, you will just know.

It is about having a deep trust in yourself and more importantly having a deep trust in how the fabric of the universe operates, these are universal laws, and they cannot be wrong.

It is just whether a person understands it or believes it  

Channeled 07/09/22

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