Are you ready to dive deeper into your intuitive development?

You know how intuitive you are and you feel called to help humanity in bigger ways, but-

  • you constantly doubt yourself


  • you find yourself spiraling down into fear and overwhelm


  • you don’t know how to get going in your business or get clients


  • you don’t trust your intuition when working with clients


  • your gifts aren’t working exactly how you know they should


  • you get started but can’t sustain your vibration or momentum

What you get-

My unique accelerated Intuition Mastery Process session

1:1 support (Weekly or fortnightly sessions)

Voice messenger support in between

All the tools I use for myself- tools which I have tried over trial and error over the years to refine what works the most efficiently – making it so much easier for you as you do not have to spend years working it out  

Basics and foundational practices of energy work

Individual and tailored processes and practices that support your unique energy body and gifts  

Support for mindset and belief work needed to help you with your goals       

Why work with me?

  • I’ve been on my intuitive and spiritual journey for over 10 years
  • I’ve spent thousands of dollars developing my intuition and have discovered what has worked for me and what hasn’t, saving you plenty of time and money on your journey.
  • I’m highly psychic, in fact, many of my friends call me the most psychic person they know. I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), Claircognizant (clear knowing), and am also a Channel.
  • Not only am I highly intuitive, but my psychic gifts have also opened up very quickly so I know how to work with you if you are concerned about things opening up too fast, or if you are like me, I know how to help you get things reined in and under control. I won’t “blow you wide open” and I won’t leave you hanging without support if you need it too.
  • I don’t believe in Psychic Protection and I won’t let you believe you need it either. There is nothing outside of you that can interfere with your connection to Source, it’s just not possible! So if you have fears around being intuitive, trust me I’ve been there too and I can help guide you and support you past these fears so you can return to your truth of who you are- naturally intuitive!
  • Working with a psychic you get the added benefit of working with someone who can see your blindspots and also see, sense or feel what you are at the same time. We work together to clear, release, and move forward from anything that is holding you back
  • Working with a Channel I have the ability to clear anything with energy healing that is interrupting your intuitive connection in session as we are working. As I have found on my own journey, you are unique and will have your own fears, beliefs, and past life experiences that will come up. It’s all just energy! And we shift it out and keep moving forward.
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