• Are you constantly doubting your decisions and second-guessing yourself?
  • Do you constantly outsource your decisions to other people?
  • Do you question yourself and if you made the right choice when making important life decisions?
  • Are you overwhelmed by others opinions and conflicting information and struggle to discern what is right for you?
  • Are able to offer other people advice but when it comes to yourself, you doubt your own inner guidance, still feel lost, and wonder why you can’t get messages for yourself
  • Have moments of self-doubt and seriously question your own abilities and intuition?
  • You doubt yourself in everything but especially major decisions like career changes or moving house or schools
  • Are afraid of taking the wrong direction or course of action

Intuition is part of our Soul’s Mastery


One of the reasons we as Souls decide to choose to come to Earth for our soul’s evolution is that it is the perfect training ground to develop our intuition.

Intuition Mastery is the ultimate goal.

At this time on the planet, we have what is called an Information Field. Within this Information Field exists all levels of details, knowledge, data, facts, figures, statistics.

We have never before had the amount of information available to us at our fingertips, from multiple sources, all at once.

The key to navigating this Information Field is the ability to align with your resonant truth.


And how you do this is through your Intuition

The Intuition Mastery Process is an individually tailored session I have developed which-


Reconnects you to your Authentic Power within- Your Intuition

Clears traumas that are preventing this full reconnection

Reconnects the individual to their Resonant Truth, and anchors the new Intuitive connection fully into the body

Ready to start your journey with Intuition Mastery?

Human Consciousness is evolving. 

We have been limited to the five senses for thousands of years, and we are now shifting to a multi-sensory perception.

We can see more, feel more, sense more, perceive more than ever before. Our understanding is no longer limited by our intellect but expanded by our intuition. 

And suddenly many people are now sensing information that doesn’t feel right. Their perceptions go against the narrative being told. 

More and more people are seeking to learn how to find the information that is in alignment with their Soul’s Truth- and return to their Authentic Power

With this training you will-

Have more awareness of what feels right for you

Learn how to run a piece of external information through your intuition to discern if it is your truth

Become so connected to your Soul’s truth that you can navigate this Field of Information

Learn to trust your intuition deeper than ever before, and be able to confidently make important decisions from your own intuition 

Ready to start learning how to navigate the Field Of Information with your Intuition?

Intuition Mastery

The first session- Soul Alignment 1.5 hours $180

This is a unique process given to me by my team of Guides, who have explained that this is the fundamental groundwork needed to best serve your Intuitive Development

This is 1 x 1.5 hour session which is tailored specifically to your unique needs and level of experience. You will receive the Soul Alignment process and we will discuss where you are at and make a plan moving forward.

Ready to start your Journey to Intuition Mastery?

Tailored Intuition Development Sessions 1 hour $150


Your journey to Intuition Mastery is self-led.

The second step in this process is your reclamation of your inner knowing of what to book in for and when. You will be guided at every step on your journey.

Further training sessions include:

  • Connect to your Spirit Guides
  • Connect to your own intuition and receive your own answers to your questions
  • How the body can be attuned to receive intuitive answers
  • Energy practices to expand your intuition even further
  • Channeled Energy sessions to clear anything holding you back on a deeper level or to help support you on your journey

Ready to continue on your Intuition Mastery Journey?

Why should you undertake Intuition Mastery with me? 

  • I’ve been on my intuitive and spiritual journey for over 10 years
  • I’ve spent thousands of dollars developing my intuition and have discovered what has worked for me and what hasn’t, saving you plenty of time and money on your journey.
  • I’m highly psychic, in fact, many of my friends call me the most psychic person they know. I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), Claircognizant (clear knowing), and am also a Channel.
  • Not only am I highly intuitive, but my psychic gifts have also opened up very quickly so I know how to work with you if you are concerned about things opening up too fast, or if you are like me, I know how to help you get things reined in and under control. I won’t “blow you wide open” and I won’t leave you hanging without support if you need it too.
  • I don’t believe in Psychic Protection and I won’t let you believe you need it either. There is nothing outside of you that can interfere with your connection to Source, it’s just not possible! So if you have fears around being intuitive, trust me I’ve been there too and I can help guide you and support you past these fears so you can return to your truth of who you are- naturally intuitive!
  • Working with a psychic you get the added benefit of working with someone who can see your blindspots and also see, sense or feel what you are at the same time. We work together to clear, release, and move forward from anything that is holding you back
  • Working with a Channel I have the ability to clear anything with energy healing that is interrupting your intuitive connection in session as we are working. As I have found on my own journey, you are unique and will have your own fears, beliefs, and past life experiences that will come up. It’s all just energy! And we shift it out and keep moving forward. 

Who is this training designed for?

This training is designed for anyone! This is not a new-agey “woo-woo” training. This is designed to get you working confidently with your intuition without relying on any tools such as cards, crystals etc. Just you and your uniquely designed intuitive system! So no matter where you are or who you are with you will be able to connect to your intuition in and instant to see what it has to say

Are there any lock in contracts? 

Short answer, NO! Why have I done it this way? Because I have found in my own personal intuition development journey that one size fits all training programs don’t work. I strongly believe you need individually tailored sessions that meet you wherever you are at and the 1:1 support so you are held and supported on your entire journey. 

Is there a time limit on when sessions have to be booked? 

No! Because this is your journey, you will know when you need to book in for a session. Again, feeling pressured to use sessions up to get your money’s worth isn’t working to your highest good at all. I have a range of different sessions available to cover most topics and they can be booked at any time, once the groundwork in Session 1 has been laid.  

How are sessions done?

All sessions are done online over Zoom. You will automatically be sent a Zoom link when you book in, and you will also receive a recording of your session to keep.

Do I have to do Session 1 first? 

My team of guides has made it very clear that it is of your highest benefit to having your Soul Alignment session done first, as it lays the groundwork for all later development. 

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of my work and the energy work I need to do for myself to hold these sessions for my clients, I require a minimum 48 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling.

Any cancellations within 24 hours notice no refunds will be given.

There are no refunds after the session work has been completed.

Late arrival to your session will mean your session time will be shortened to conclude on time.

Have a question? Get in touch

2 + 3 =

Here’s what other Client’s have had to say about my Intuition Mastery Sessions 

I had the pleasure of having a intuition development session with Leesa last week.

My intuition has always been good although I was interested in working to develop it more. To have more clarity around the messages I receive.

Leesa was able to guide me through recognising my Spirit Guides and knowing how they feel. I felt extremely safe during the session, it was a lovely experience. Since then I have been feeling great.

I feel my intuition has stepped up to another level. This week I have been chatting with clients and many have said ‘How did you know that?’ There have been many synchronicities and knowing since then.

I have no hesitation in recommending Leesa for any of her psychic or intuitive development work.

Trudy Ralston

Energy Healer and Business Coach

It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to receive two sessions with Leesa.

Each session was extremely powerful. It was lovely to receive clarity around my guides and my purpose, as well as receive healing around a traumatic experience.

I felt very comfortable and nurtured with Leesa and was so grateful to experience the magic she offers.

Mia Cazilieris

Health and Wellness Coach and EFT Practioner

I recently had a session with Leesa and can highly recommend working with her. Leesa has her own unique way of helping you connect to your own intuition, and her gentle and supportive guidance has helped me deepen my own spiritual practice.


I can relate to this so well since having my first intuition mastery session with you. It is amazing to live a life from a place of ‘knowing’ – not just about making big decisions but down to little things like how to prepare my hot chocolate! I am constantly supported. Everything in my life just flows so well right now. Immensely grateful


Artist and Creative

Ready to start your Journey to Intuition Mastery?

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