Intuitive Business Mentoring for Spiritual Entrepreneurs – 1.5 hours @ $150

Who are tired of cookie cutter online business coaching methods and want to learn how to enhance their work using their own intuition intertwined with aligned action..

I combine Energetics with practical business knowledge and your own unique gifts to create personalised methods to apply in your business.

Everything we want is created in the energetic realm before it manifests in the physical. We just need to get our energy and vibration aligned with our actions and when combined with strong business foundations and the right business actions at the right time, we will find our work will flow with more ease.

Whether you’re a newbie looking for help and support to get started, or already established in your business, an Intuitive Business Mentoring session can give you the next steps for you to take, find those missing pieces, help give you insight and clarity from a higher perspective, and get you guidance on how to bring that new offer idea together.

The benefit of working with me on your business is that I’m Clairsentient (feel), Clairvoyant (see) and Clairaudient (hear) and I get clear psychic guidance and information that relates especially to you. Because you aren’t a cookie cutter entrepreneur and sometimes you need advice and guidance that is unique and tailored just for you and your unique vibration. Something that normal business coaches can’t give you.

This isn’t a fortune telling psychic reading either, I will empower you to create the business you want and will give you loads of energetic tools and tricks to use to help supercharge your work. Because energy first, physical second.

Psychic Protection Empowerment Mentoring
1 hour @ $100

Are you ready to step out of fear and shift your vibration around Psychic Protection?

Would you like to feel empowered as a Psychic or Intuitive, no longer afraid whether you’ve got enough protection, or if you’re doing this whole protection thing right?

Tried Googling for answers and can find nothing that works? Do you have fear around the Spirit world that is stopping you from moving forward in your psychic work?

In this 30 minute session lets check in and see whats going on for you and how we can get your psychic protection working once and for all