Leesa Turner is a Quantum Healer, Psychic, Channel and Intuitive Guide for people being initiated into their next level of Service



Lots of sensations and energy. Huge rocks and laying down within large white feathers. Being unplugged from numerous cords they look like electrical cords. Pulsing energy throughout my body and being connected and grounding within a grid of light and number symbols, codes. My body is surrounded by a yellow and red tinted light. So tired, sleepy now. Thank you so much.


┬áHi Leesa, just wanted to let you know that I have just completed this activation – amazing! So many shifts! I loved it and feel it will be beneficial going forward after tough/taxing work days. Thank you so much. I would love to do a session with you and your team also – possibly in a few weeks. What is the best way to book?

“I definitely felt it in my solar plexus chakra at that time and was left feeling lighter. I decided to do it again this week and this time I could feel the release in my shoulders and back during the clearing and felt quite grounded and at peace. Thank you for this opportunity.”