Energy updates

Light Insight 13/01/2022

We have experienced over the last few weeks a large influx of light, which has disrupted the timelines and narratives that were playing out, bringing those timelines to a convergence point.

Many “leaders” are panicking and scrambling behind the scenes as what is happening now was not part of their plan, and it is now out of control.

The influx of light is working in a multitude of ways. Firstly, it is spreading through the population serving to awaken and upgrade even more people. Those people who are becoming “ill” are in fact receiving a clearing out, and energetic upgrade that will shift them to a higher vibration. This “illness” is also serving this awakening in that it is “holding” others who are in a denser 3D energy in a space (through isolation etc) away so they cannot interfere with the awakening of those around them

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