Intuitive Business Mentoring for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Who are tired of cookie cutter online business coaching methods and want to learn how to enhance their work using their own intuition intertwined with aligned action.


Your work is an expression of your Soul on Earth 

Hi I’m Leesa Turner. I combine Energetics with practical business knowledge and your own unique gifts to create personalised methods to apply in your business.

Everything we want is created in the energetic realm before it manifests in the physical. We just need to get our energy and vibration aligned with our actions and when combined with strong business foundations and the right business actions at the right time, we will find our work will flow with more ease.

Featured Articles

The Cycle of Idea Creation

This process is taken from Carolyn Myss' audio book "Advanced Energy Anatomy", and when understood it helps to give clarity as to where your creative idea for your business is in the process, and what you need to do to move it down to get it into the...

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21 tips for Spiritual Start Ups before you start

I see so many spiritual start ups make the same mistakes when they are starting up in business so I wanted to create a great guide to follow to help them get started on the best path possible 1. Use YOUR NAME for your Business Name Your name is your unique...

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How to deal with Spiritual FOMO

How do you deal with Spiritual FOMO? How do you cope when the newest course/training/modality/whatever you so badly feel is calling to your soul yet you aren't yet in the abundant position to afford it? And of course these things always have time limits,...

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Charging vs giving it away

Charging set prices vs what people can afford to pay I saw a friend's Facebook post recently where they said they were going to offer their services for what people can afford to pay, and that really got me thinking about this subject. I know many of us...

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There’s no such thing as competition

I was chatting with a friend recently who was telling me that she wanted to train in a particular modality, but then she said to me “But I’m worried as I know there’s alot of competition in this field”   And for a second internally I screamed NO!! Do not...

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Chakra Business Plan

We all know our body has a chakra system, but did you know that your business has one too? And before you start any business it’s important you have a strong foundation in place. This is where a business plan comes in. Your business plan is like your business’ soul...

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