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Leesa Turner

Helps people to come into alignment with their own truth.

Leesa helps others to learn to work with and trust their own intuition, so they can make their own decisions with more confidence.

At a time in the world where there is an overload of information, and we have become accustomed to outsourcing our choices, Leesa guides people back inwards so they can hear the answers from their own Soul’s truth.

Leesa also offers services in psychic readings, business readings, energy healing, mentoring and support for spiritual awakenings, as well as tailored intuition training, all of which support the client to step more fully into their alignment with their individual truth.

New!! Why I’ve dropped my prices

After some recent soul searching I came to a much clearer, more aligned decision to reduce my prices. Here’s why…

How I can help you

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Channeled energy healing

Psychic Protection myth busting

In this video I recorded back in 2019, there are 2 points I talk about in regards to Psychic Protection

1) is about what to do if a psychic or healer is telling you you have negative entities around you
2) psychic protection is a myth and you don’t need it
Would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!


Empaths and Psychic Protection

Empaths and Psychic Protection

There is a lot of misinformation around Empaths and the need for “protection” against “negative energies” or “energy vampires” for example. In this blog I’ve put together the meaning of an Empath, why it is important to look at it from the aspect of an Archetype, how...

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2019 Resolutions vs Intentions

2019 Resolutions vs Intentions

A brief history of Resolutions New Years resolutions started around 4,000 years ago by the Ancient Babylonians, when they would hold festivals, sacrifices or rituals to worship their Gods. They believed that if they made promises to their Gods (like pay debts, return...

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The Cycle of Idea Creation

The Cycle of Idea Creation

This process is taken from Carolyn Myss' audio book "Advanced Energy Anatomy", and when understood it helps to give clarity as to where your creative idea for your business is in the process, and what you need to do to move it down to get it into the physical world....

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