Where do I start prepping?

Now you’re probably wondering what on earth a blog about prepping is doing on a psychics website!

Well, in the readings I have been doing recently for clients the most common questions I get asked are around covid- lockdowns, financial security, health, and panic buying- essentially how people can go about strengthening up their livelihoods and incomes so they can ride the wave of uncertainty we are all facing during these challenging and often unpredictable times. 

Having personally lived through the catastrophic bushfire event on New Years Eve 2019 on the Far South Coast NSW Australia, and the subsequent weeks of no power, power outages, no mobile phone reception or internet, going to the supermarket and finding no power, fruit, or vegetables, or meat for dinner, bare shelves and dirty floors, no EFTPOS or fuel, and cash only for purchases certainly woke us up to the fragility of our systems when natural disasters strike. 

And since that disaster, we have seen severe flooding in parts of Northern NSW as well as more recently the mini cyclone that hit the Dandenong region, which has significantly affected power and water in the middle of winter leaving residents without power, heat, and cooking sources as well as phone and internet- modern basics we have become so accustomed to living with.

And while this isn’t a normal topic of conversation in spiritual circles, we are indeed living in different times and we need to adapt, and sometimes adapt quickly as lockdowns can happen very swiftly.

When it comes down to it, our survival needs are within our very first chakra or energy center within our body- the Root chakra or survival chakra. When this chakra’s needs are met we can feel safe and secure in the world and we can then ascend to higher chakras including family and relationships, self-empowerment and confidence, and opening to more love around us.

Knowing we have taken precautions to maintain our standard of living in case of natural disasters or lockdowns allows us to feel safe and relaxed. 

As someone who watches the skies (Astrology) to get a heads up on greater world events, we currently have Uranus in Taurus until 2026, and one of the main issues this brings up is food security and food shortages, and this is something we have all experienced with covid panic buying.

For me personally, we not only endured seeing our supermarkets stripped bare and without fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and dairy for days, followed by supermarket trucks needing to be escorted into the area with a police escort, this was then followed by a short 6 weeks later by panic buying from the declaration of the Covid pandemic and subsequent panic buying. 

So while most of my readings now are centered around covid and giving people very specific information to their situations around travel, work, finances, health, etc one main theme I get asked is-

Do we need to be more prepared?

I have recently completed a channeling on this for a greater look at NSW/Canberra and Australia and some overseas countries for the rest of this year and going into 2022/2023, you can watch this 1-hour video here 

So, in answer to the question, where do we start prepping (or as I like to refer to it, becoming more self-sufficient) my guides have given me two central priorities-

Vibration and Water.

Our Vibration is essential during these times. If we are in fear our capacity to think clearly and think ahead is greatly diminished. I recommend to everyone they look at their fear.

To me, fear is an indicator of where we are out of alignment with the truth that our soul knows. For our soul only knows love, and if we feel fear around a topic we have not aligned with the love or truth that our Soul knows, so I encourage everyone to look at their fears to choose better thoughts and beliefs about situations that feel more loving and closer to our soul’s truth. If you need help with this I offer energy healing sessions that can help raise your vibration above collective fears and bring you closer to your soul’s truth- without the fear. 

The next topic I want to touch on today is water.

Water is essential to life.

Water is life and clean water means health- Audrey Hepburn, Humanitarian.

I was recently talking to friends about our bushfire experience and remarked how lucky we were that our water system stayed online. Without access to fresh drinking water, you can only survive for around 3 days.

And without fresh clean sources of water for sanitation, you end up with hygiene issues like gastroenteritis, of which we had an outbreak at one of the evacuation centers in the days after the fires. In the case of a gastro outbreak, to avoid this you need clean drinking water and water to wash hands/sanitise/flush toilets, and bathing or showering to minimise the risk of highly infectious diseases.

It makes sense that water is the place to start

How much water do you need? For each person in your family, you need approx. 4 liters of clean water for drinking and general hygiene per day. How many days do you ask? In a natural disaster situation, this can be hard to gauge, however, the recommendation is for a minimum of 3 days.

If you haven’t got a basic natural disaster emergency kit here is a good link from the SES to start planning. 

Water purifying

I recommend people procure a gravity-fed water purifier as it isn’t dependent upon electricity. I have a southern cross pottery one like this here 

However, they can be picked up second-hand easily on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree affordably. The water filter I use is this one as it filters out 99.999% of bacteria etc. In an emergency, you would be able to boil any natural clear groundwater and pass it through this filter and the water will be safe to drink. Another cheaper option is to purchase 2 food-grade handy pails from Bunnings here. You cut a hole in the bottom of one and a hole in the lid of another, put the water filter through the bottom where you have cut the hole and stack it on top of the other bucket, then fill the top bucket with water and it will filter into the bucket below.

Other ways to purify water

Aquatabs are a great easy source for water purification. According to their website, “They are effervescent tablets which kill micro-organisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other water-borne diseases.”

Another great water purifier for emergency use is the Life Straw., Many people have these in their bug-out bags and cars in case of emergencies as they are portable. Another similar product is the Sawyer Mini .

Another option for purifying water is household bleach. Now you cannot use any type of bleach- you specifically need a household bleach containing chlorine with 4-6% chlorine and without any perfumes and detergents. For further detailed instructions on how to use bleach for purifying water please see here.

If you choose to use bleach as a part of your water purifying, make sure you print out the instructions and store them with your preps so there are easy to find in an emergency.

Another great resource for water supplies is to use a topographic map of your area to determine where natural sources of drinking water are located in case of emergencies

Extras to consider

In a natural disaster situation where the water supply is affected you also need extra water for sanitation, such as washing hands and bathing. Also make sure you have a supply of soap, disinfectant, surface sprays, disposable dishcloths, gloves, and antibacterial hand washes to help curb the spread of disease.

In the event of a gastroenteritis outbreak, medical treatment will be required. In the aftermath of the bushfires, when there was a gastro outbreak at the emergency evacuation centre, people were going to the hospital for treatment however the hospital was refusing treatments unless in severe cases because they needed to protect the vulnerable patients.

In this example, it is important you also stock medicines that can be used to treat any gastro such as Gastro-stop, Immodium, hydralytes, clear broths, coconut water, and other oral rehydration drinks or iceblocks

In this increased time of unpredictability with Covid and natural disasters, many people are now having the awareness to have some kind of emergency preparedness for their families.

Many people who are new to this often become quite overwhelmed with where to start or where to focus on first. The linear thinking brain can often tell you many things you need to focus on, however, being to access your intuition in these situations will save you a lot of time and money.

Book in for a reading with me to help you get clarity on where to start and where to focus, or so I can help you get all the information you need

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