Psychic Protection isn’t required anymore

When it comes to your energy you’re either in survival mode or creation mode.

If you are spending your time making sure you have that bubble of light firmly around you, carrying your black tourmaline in your pocket to protect you from picking up other’s negativity, shielding your aura, or any other psychic protection practices you do, you are in survival mode.

All of your energy and attention is focused on preempting some form of negativity and making sure you don’t pick it up or take it home or aren’t affected by it in some way.


Your energy is focused on the past to make sure you don’t repeat something in the present.


When you drop the psychic protection practices, this frees up your time and energy to manifest, create, and envisage your future. You step into Creation mode.

You have more time to focus on the future you want to create and you have more energy to intentionally and with purpose curate the kind of life you want to live.

You are free to pull down potentials of energy from the Unified Field and bring it into physical form. You are free to reach higher levels of intuition, consciousness, free to interact more with your guides and team, free to expand your energy into the Unified Field and play!

Psychic Protection isn’t required anymore.

Our connection with our intuition and the Unified Field is our natural state, and there is nothing we need to be protected from in this natural state.


Anything we imagine we need protecting from is man-made, not from Source.

I am here to reeducate women on how to achieve this natural state of intuition and connection and reconnect them to their co-creative powers.

I can imagine what some of you may be thinking right now. “But I have all the evidence that she’s wrong!”. Let me tell you, I lived there once. And the state where I live now, the only evidence is of this natural connection, in this expanded state and I play with creation, timelines, multidimensionality, energy, frequency, and let me tell you it is so much more fun being over here!


It all starts with a choice.


It is time to put down the psychic protection and step into the powerful creator you came here to be. This planet is a playing field where you get to learn (or remember!) how powerful your consciousness is. How easy it is to co-create with the Universe.



This is the new way!

Do you know I offer 1:1 sessions? Whether it is for help developing your intuition, learning how to live a more openly free intuitive life, or intuitive guidance in your business or day-to-day life, I may be able to help. Click here to find out more

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