Psychic Protection Empowerment Sessions

Reclaim your energy sovereignty and live an openly intuitive life

I struggled with psychic protection for many years! It wasn’t as easy for me as some, like asking your guides to help or as simple as setting boundaries. Other people around me would easily be able to implement tools, but no matter what I tried nothing seemed to work. Other people would easily be able to solve their boundary issues but I struggled constantly and could never work out what I was doing wrong. And trust me, I googled and googled and tried everything I could find.

It wasn’t until I stopped taking generic advice and started worked with practitioners one on one to identify why I was having these issues that I was able to find my unique way of resolving them.

Now I use no psychic protection, I don’t believe I need it, and I have no issues whatsoever.

My energy is stronger than ever and I can channel and carry out other healing energy work and readings without the disturbances I struggled with for so many years.

And now, with my skills as a medical intuitive, channel, and intuitive mentor, I am assisting others to find their way out of these patterns, strengthen their energy and reclaim their intuitive sovereignty.

And I am here to hold you with so much compassion, empathy, and without judgement.

In these sessions, I use my gifts to identify your unique core issue and resolve it, whether it is a past life, a collective belief, something which needs strengthening, whatever it is, my team of guides will address your needs on an individual level.

These sessions are a mix of channeled energy healing, channeled or intuitive guidance, and mentoring. All sessions are confidential and recorded for you to keep.


You too can live an openly intuitive life.

It's time to reclaim your energy sovereignty