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Intuitive Business Coach Spiritual Business Coach

Over an hour I will be taking you through-


The most important pillar of business that most spiritual entrepreneurs fail to do


The current trend of “throw out the rule book and follow your intuition”- what the message from Spirit about this really is about – it’s been completely misinterpreted!


Simple spiritual practices to amplify your clients results


Why so many intuitives and healers are still working from their head and how to shift this


Why Client Attraction methods using Law of Attraction are deceptive,  create karma, and go against your client’s free will, and what to do instead


How to work your Website and Social Media in a way that is sacred & bring you longevity




I’ll be doing some business readings for people who attend live!


I’ll be giving away one session with me worth $150

Hey, I’m Leesa Turner

I’m a Psychic, Channel, Quantum Energy Healer and Intuitive Spiritual Mentor for people being initiated into their next level of service

I help you strengthen your intuition, uplevel in your business and life, step onto the path of your Soul’s purpose and connect you with your gifts, helping you to clear the path so you know exactly where you are meant to go

I’m a fast tracker for Soulpreneurs


My clients achieve incredible success by aligning their energy with their Soul’s purpose. This is deep work. We clear deep subconscious beliefs, fears, past lives whilst Quantum leaping their gifts and access new timelines.

I help my clients do their Soul work their way- easy, aligned, intuitively.

I believe anything is possible, all we need to do is to clear and align the energy so things flow effortlessly to us. I believe it is our purpose to remember we are Co-creators and how powerful we are when we access the energy that creates worlds to create in our own lives.

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