Leesa Turner is a Multidimensional Channel and Kinesiologist, who through her own experiences of her own                        Spiritual Awakening has years of experience as well as developed many tools  to stabilise and shift her clients                  through these awakenings quickly.

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Going through a Spiritual Awakening can feel lonely, and isolating, as many changes will occur rapidly in your life.

Friends and relationships my fall apart, or you may feel as if you don’t fit in with them anymore. You may no longer desire to be in situations, jobs etc, that once were comfortable. Your food, clothing, music and other parts of your identity  may suddenly change, or you may feel as if you’ve lost your identity altogether.

You may also experience sudden and rapid opening of psychic gifts. You may start to become more sensitive to the energy of others, you may start to feel energy around you, you may start to hear the voices of the spirit world, your intuition may becoming stronger and stronger, and your healing gifts may suddenly come online.

You may be dealing with strong bouts of anxiety, have trouble staying grounded, you may even experience ascension symptoms such as extreme fatigue, detox symptoms, heart fluttering, and trouble sleeping.

The good news is these symptoms are normal and you aren’t going crazy.

New! Mini Course

Spiritual Awakening Tools is a self led mini course I have created to share all of the tools that I’ve found helpful over the last 10 years of my own spiritual awakening journey. 

These tools are designed to empower my clients in-between sessions to learn how to manage their energy and emotions, or for any person who is wanting to add some new tools to their tool box. 

Inside this course you will find 10 quick and easy to use tools, including a channeled healing for grounding, techniques to clear your own energy, tools for changing beliefs and mindset shifts, brain and body balancing, and emotional and nervous system regulation. 

In a Spiritual Awakening session, Leesa will work with your energy field, nervous system, grounding and more to get you stabilised in your body.

Leesa will work to get your symptoms under control as well as provide a safe, non judgemental space for you to talk about your experience and provide sound advice on how to help you moving forward.

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