I can highly recommend Leesa. I am running a successful practice but knew I needed to expand more, I just didn’t know how to do it. After one session I have the steps I need to take my business to the next level. Now I can’t wait until my next session!

Julie Steedman

Educational Kinesiologist, Learning Strategies

I highly recommend Leesa for Business Coaching. As a new business owner who relocated to the South Coast, I struggled with wrapping my head around the demographics of my clients and how to integrate into my new community. Leesa not only helped with practical advice, she also provided ideas for advertising and useful links for networking opportunities. Leesa’s easy going and friendly nature was just the guidance I needed


Wellness Business Owner

Leesa is one of those very unique and special people who has the ability to immediately put a person at ease and who truly knows how to ‘listen’ to what is said..and to interpret what is ‘said’ through the pauses. Her generosity and willingness to help others as well as her gentle wisdom and words of advice has often astounded me. Cannot recommend Leesa highly enough!



I had an Intuitive Business Coaching session with Leesa. I have had a hard time with my messaging, and getting what I do across to others. Leesa was able to pull out key words, and help me to re-phrase and word what I do in a way that gives a message of empowering others, using languaging that’s my own, as if she plucked the words right out of my energy field. Leesa is so full of heart, she’s not like some other business coaches who can be blunt, up front or a bit in your face telling you what you should do, pushing you to level up in painful ways. She speaks with so much love and wisdom and makes you feel safe to open up and share your struggles, knowing she’s not judging you for them at all

Yolanda Tong

Channeller and Psychic Healer, Yolanda Channels

I highly recommend Leesa, she’s given me some great advice and clarity around some recent challenges. Thank you Leesa


Wellness Business Owner

Leesa has been a wonderful source of inspiration and support over many years… her intuitive approach to business coaching is rather unique and effective… I would happily recommend Leesa to anyone


Psychic Medium and Reader

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